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Firing on All Cylinders: The 2017 Big Data Landscape

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This chart is a reference table of computer personality traits in Sid Meier’s Civilization V. It includes information from the Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansions as well as all DLC civs. Surging investment in machine learning is vaulting Google into the scientific stratosphere.

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On the whole, building an AI startup is tricky. Picking a vertical problem is certainly an important start. In the last year in particular, the clear trend has been to take any data problem, and apply AI to it.

This has been the case across both enterprise applications and industry verticals. Beyond the areas that still feel somewhat futuristic like self-driving cars , AI today shines in more pedestrian enterprise categories , delivering tangible results in anything from churn prediction to back office automation to security. This includes some of the most established white-collar professions such as doctors A.

Is Doing Legal Work. The finance world, in particular, seems to have been thinking about AI a lot. Hedge funds, after a couple of tough years, are on the hunt for alternative data, often to feed it to algorithms The New Gold Rush?

Wall Street Wants your Data. Love them or hate them, was the year of bots — fully automated, real time conversational agents that live mostly on messaging services. Ultimately, we believe that bots have tremendous potential but, as always, the space needs a lot more time.

For now, the brightest future probably belongs to services that include significant elements of humans in the loop , or actually position away from bots entirely and use AI to augment the capabilities of human agents the thesis behind our investment in frame.

Beyond all the hype, the possibilities are enormous. As core infrastructure continues to mature, and the application side, powered by AI, is bursting with activity, in the Big Data and AI ecosystem is firing on all cylinders. While the general philosophy of the chart is to be as inclusive as possible, we ended up having to be somewhat selective. Our methodology is certainly imperfect, but in a nutshell, here are the main criteria:.

Did we miss yours? Feel free to add thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Great chart, I would add two items 1. Link for recent msft collaboration for example: Schlumberger was the partner in attendance at Google next. Hardware should include GSI Technology. You need to look at them. Great work on the chart however. Enjoyed the post, and great job with the landscape.

Let me know, thanks! I got here by following the LinkedIn link for the Landscape chart, but this post is a great analysis and summary of the state of the industry. I read every word, and will be subscribing for more. Thanks for keeping our AI platform off the list and still under the radar. And great job on the Landscape chart. The company has faltered and pretty much non-existing at the moment.

Hi Matt, Awesome work. How can we get AP on the data map? Hi Matt, thanks for this great chart. I just wanted to check if Stratio www. A company that brings together the latest, most disruptive open source Big Data technologies into a single product — one of the only data-centric Big Data products on the European market.

Venture capital series A: This is such a great resource! The Associated Press just published a big report on this: Their robo-journalist for minor league baseball is a great example of how groundbreaking AI can be at a time when resources are limited: The same is happening for news items in financial reporting.

Hi Matt — Ab Initio Software should definitely feature — private company, roaring success yet without any marketing of note. Above all, they seem to be the wrapper around all the major banking Big Data efforts with powerful metadata driven ingestion and consumption, top notch data lineage and semantic quality and even SQL to graph capabilities.

For going beyond Big Data, they have event based processing that can handle emense transactional volumes of Singles Day. A better enterprise offering for those areas that allows for a consolidated data footprint for old and new technologies.

I think you will see that there will be a consolidation in the big data space but not the way you describe and then dismiss it. It is being pushed from the data consumer perspective instead of a financial or investor one. The financial space will pick up on that this year and take note as well. One minor, and admittedly biased omission, Brytlyt should definitely also be on your radar, given the product superiority over other GPU DB products.

To start with our front end is based on PostgreSQL, making us easy to use with legacy systems — one of the bigger problems faced with companies today. This also means that existing visualizations can be used out of the box.

Check us out Brytlyt. Hi Matt, I am the editor of InfoQ China, we have translated this great article into Chinese and published it on our website: This translation version is provided for informational purposes only, and does not make any commercial use. Hope this is okay. Matt — I was looking for Privitar on your chart. We offer privacy technology, which enables you to anonymise your data to make it safe for sharing.

In Europe, new regulation GDPR is rapidly awareness of the need for a privacy-first approach to big data. Security is usually focused more on access control. Privacy engineering mitigates insider risks and breaches through human error. Time for a new category! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Big Data provides the pipes, and AI provides the smarts. In addition, a few interesting themes have kept coming back in conversations: Data Virtualization An interesting trend related to public cloud adoption is the rapid rise of data virtualization.

Making everything work together: The rise of the data workbench In most large enterprises, the adoption of Big Data started with a few isolated projects a Hadoop cluster here, some analytical tool there and some new job titles data scientists, Chief Data officers. Bots Backlash Love them or hate them, was the year of bots — fully automated, real time conversational agents that live mostly on messaging services.

Our methodology is certainly imperfect, but in a nutshell, here are the main criteria: Everything being equal, we gave priority to companies that have reached some level of market significance. This is a reasonably easy exercise for large tech companies. For growing startups, considering the limited amounts of data available, we often used venture capital financings as a proxy for underlying market traction again, probably imperfect.

So everything else being equal, we tend to feature startups that have raised larger amounts, typically Series A and beyond. Occasionally, we made editorial decisions to include earlier stage startups when we thought they were particularly interesting. Students are able to add their input to the topic by asking them what they want to know. Students then have a purpose for participating and engaging in the topic. Also, using a KWL chart allows students to expand their ideas beyond the text used in the classroom.

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Teaching Young Children, 5 5 , 29— Using graphic organizers as formative assessment. Science Scope, 30 5 , Launching into improved comprehension.

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There are many companies out there that may not fit into one of these categories, but these are the ones we see most often.

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