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Indien mehr Rechte z. B. Gleichberechtigung keine Mitgift freie Berufswahl viele Unzufriedene Frauen in wichtigen Berufen -> trotzdem sind sie ihren Rechten nicht bewusst jedoch große Zufriedenheit bei Frauen Mitgift -> einkaufen in höhere Kasten keine Aufklärung Mädchen sind. Top 10 verwunschenen Orten in Indien India is a country with rich history and culture. It is known as the unknown land of mysteries. Travelers from around the world are known to travel to India to meet their aspirations and thrill you can experience the supernatural. India is responsible for abandoned mysterious stories and various rituals and religious practices. The Indian government has.


So here is my list of the most haunted places Indian. Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh, Rajasthan. Bhangarh is a prehistoric between Delhi and Jaipur in Rajasthan. It was founded in rd. Bhagwan Das reigned during this time. He was the son of Madho Singh. Bhangarh Fort was built th. It is considered the most anxiety in India. According to the locals, the entire town itself was cursed by Guru Balu. The residents left the city at night. D'Souza chawl in Mahim, Mumbai.

Mumbai is home to many ghost stories and mysterious sightings. Such a story is about a good D'Souza chawl in Mahim Mumbai region. It is a story that a young woman who went newlywed once, to fetch water from the fountain fell, and died a horrible death. It is believed that it is pursuing even the square around the fountain at night and disappears as the jump of the day expected.

Many people claim to see a white appearance around the fountain. If you visit the beach suddenly cold and a negative atmosphere. The beach is near Surat, attracting countless travelers visit every day.

Especially after sunset, when the beach is in the darkness and perhaps as well engulfed the spirits. People say that if you are brave enough to take a walk on the beach are to be taken at midnight, you will hear a whisper even some spirits.

Some even say that forewarned, will not go ahead. In the past, this beach was used as a Hindu cemetery and many people have mysteriously disappeared. Dow Hill in Kurseong, Darjeeling is to visit not only one of the most deserted places in India, but also one of the scariest place. This place has a history of mysterious deaths and observations. This small community is famous for its residential Dow Hills.

There are numerous reports of school corridors haunted. People tend, even if the school is closed for three long months to hear tracks from classes. Countless people were found dead in the forest areas. What is even more terrible that it discovered a section called Death Road, where a boy was headless. Many people have committed suicide in the district and people tend to be avoided under the "road of death". The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune. Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune is loaded with many architectural brilliance and many paranormal events.

The legend is connected to the stories, makes visiting the cooling of the haunted places. According to local legend during the time of the full moon, the height of the supernatural activity rises to a whole new level. The story around Fort tells of a young prince, who was brutally murdered by her own family at the age of only. His spirit still haunts the fort in search of redemption.

At full moon, people listen, very violent screams and cries for help. At night, everyone leaves the fortress. It is the only place in India, with the maximum number of Phantom Ghost. Although the two-story house has been closed for a long time, people have four guys sitting around a beer candle and enjoy a number of occasions spotted. Some claim to have seen the girls in red dresses the windows down.

People tend to avoid the area, but today is definitely a must for those who want to visit supernatural. Brij Raj Bhavan years old. This palace is in Kota Rajasthan. But more of us should stop and look out for a moon set 'cause it is absolutely beautiful to see. It lights up one corner of the sky and, as it sets, it reveals all the stars hiding behind So summarise, I like really like moon sets. Every window have hidden memories, stories. I use to look at this House- Wall, whenever I cross that side..

Why should I look at that closed Window? What am I thinking about? I was in amidst.. I followed my MIND words But at a point.. If it will ever open to allow the fresh Air and New Lights?? All the windows are playing the game.. A DOOR can open a new stories or even can close the old stories. English- Clothes on rent Please follow dreamingfingers and appreciate his work.

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