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File B1996-0004/001(06) - "Diagramm Zur Bestimmung der d/n Werte" / U. Marius

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A flow chart or a flow diagram is a diagram which represents the sequence of actions in a particular process or activity. This flow chart, shown below, summarises the overall costing process. American English: flow chart.  · weg zeit diagramm bremsvorgang weg zeit diagramm geschwindigkeit zeit diagramm Dieses Physik-Video zum Thema Darstellungsformen physikalischer Zusammenhänge gehört zum Themengebiet "Mechanik".

In the case of an airborne SAR system for determining a terrain topography, two complete, correlated SAR images, having different amplitude modulation in the range direction, are obtained and recorded by switching over between two antenna polar diagrams (which can be produced by means of a monopulse antenna), namely a sum polar diagram and a.

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SAR system according to claim 1, characterized in that a terrain information from polarimetric SAR data is extracted via crosstalk parameters. From knowledge of the function of the antenna angle of the nadir angle, and from this, together with the measured and thus exactly known slant distance follows the flying height above the respective image area.

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