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A state tax levied on the recipient of an estate rather than on the estate itself. The tax varies by state and its severity in a given state usually depends on the kinship between the deceased and the heir. Reverso offers you a German definition dictionary to search Finanzen and thousands of other words. You can complete the definition of Finanzen given by the German Definition K Dictionary with other dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Langenscheidt, Duden, Wissen, Oxford, Collins dictionaries.


Even though you could clearly hear from his words that he saw marriage to oneself only as a step towards a Christian marriage between husband and wife. Weil aber Nachkommen gezeugt werden müssen und andere Allianzpartner ausfallen, kommt es zur orientalischen Selbstheirat. However, because descendants still need to be produced, and other allies fail, it all rests on eastern "self-marriage". Im Gegensatz zur Heirat, so argumentiert Pfeffer, findet beim gotr der Tausch der Seelen innerhalb des gleichen Klans statt, ist also eine metaphysische Selbstheirat.

In contrast to marriage, Pfeffer argues, during gotr an exchange of souls takes place among the same clan, and it is therefore a metaphysical self-marriage. For the Afghan tribe from Ghilzai, this practice is today known as "self-marriage", and corresponds to the custom of children marrying two brothers patrilineal parallel cousins. Retrieved from " https: Former foreign words of the day in German Foreign word of the day archive.

Views Read Edit History. This page was last edited on 1 November , at While Selbstschutz units had some success in protecting Mennonite communities from further atrocities and in providing time for the civil population to flee to areas held by White Russian forces, the abandonment of nonresistance proved to be highly divisive. Some believed that the self-defense actions may have inflamed anarchist atrocities committed against Mennonite civilians.

As a result, later church conferences and delegations officially condemned the self-defense measures as a "grave mistake". In , its organized units resisted the Polish rebellion in the Third Silesian Uprising ; which was aimed at seceding Upper Silesia from Germany. The Selbstschutz were reintroduced during the late s in Poland and Czechoslovakia.

The Selbstschutz activists worked to indoctrinate ethnic Germans locally and commit acts of terrorism against the Czech population in the Sudetenland. In the interwar period, German minority organizations in Poland such as Jungdeutsche Partei , Deutsche Vereinigung , Deutscher Volksbund and Deutscher Volksverband actively cooperated with Nazi Germany through espionage, sabotage, provocations and political indoctrination.

Ethnic Germans with Polish citizenship were trained in the Third Reich in various sabotage methods and guerilla tactics. Even before the war, Selbstschutz activists from Poland helped to organize lists of Poles who later were to be arrested or executed in Operation Tannenberg.

With the beginning of the Invasion of Poland on 1 September , Selbstschutz units engaged in hostility towards the Polish population and military, and performed sabotage operations helping the German attack on the Polish state. In mid-September, the chaotic and autonomous activities of this organization were coordinated by SS officers. Himmler placed Gustav Berger, a police official from Offenbach , in charge of the organization and district commanders in occupied zones made by the German army were put in place — West Prussia , Upper Silesia and Warthegau.

While the SS leadership was limited to overseeing the operations, local units remained under the control of ethnic Germans who had proven their commitment at the beginning of the war. Selbstschutz set up locations for massacres of interned Poles. At times, they were organized in places where the Wehrmacht and Ordnungspolizei already established concentration camps. There were 19 such locations recorded in the following Polish cities: The majority of the arrested Poles — men, women and youth — were murdered on the spot by the Selbstschutz executioners.

People shot were finished off by blows delivered by shovels and the butts of assault rifles; they were buried in mass graves when still alive. Mothers were forced to place their children in the pits where they were shot together. Before executions women and girls were raped. After the German invasion of Poland Selbstschutz worked together with the Einsatzgruppen in the mass murder of ethnic Poles.

Between 12, and 16, civilians were murdered there. The Intelligenzaktion was aimed at eliminating Poland's leadership in the country. The murder operations began soon after the attack on Poland and lasted from the fall of until the spring of Notably, Alvensleben complained to the Selbstschutz officers that too few Poles had been shot.

German officers had reported to him that only a fraction of Poles had been "destroyed" in the region, with the total number of those executed in West Prussia during this action being about 20, One Selbstschutz commander, Wilhelm Richardt, said in Karolewo Karlhof that he did not want to build big camps for Poles and feed them, and that it was an honour for Poles to fertilize the German soil with their corpses. The total number of Selbstschutz members in Poland is estimated by historians at 82, Among the reasons for dissolution were the Selbstschutz extreme corruption, disorderly behaviour and conflicts with other organizations as well as excessive use of force.

The existence of a large paramilitary organization of ethnic Germans with Polish citizenship engaged in widespread massacres of ethnic Poles in the course of German war against Poland was one of the reasons for the expulsion of Germans after the war. A description of Selbstschutz involvement made available by the Polish State Museum in Sztutowo contains material compiled three years before the war broke out, for the Nazi authorities to use in extermination of the Poles thereafter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nazi crimes against the Polish nation.

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The purpose of these units was to protect local ethnic-German communities and, indirectly, to serve German security interests in southern Ukraine. Im Gegensatz zu den üblichen Hausratversicherungen wird kein Selbstbehalt verlangt.

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Im Gegensatz zur Heirat, so argumentiert Pfeffer, findet beim gotr der Tausch der Seelen innerhalb des gleichen Klans statt, ist also eine metaphysische Selbstheirat.

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