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Difference Between Silver and Platinum


And early they will be introducing the Cybex AtonQ! All three seats will be the market simultaneously at three different price points, with the Aton as Silver, Aton2 as Gold, and AtonQ as platinum. Gold vs. Silver vs. Platinum vs. Palladium Historically, precious metals have always performed well during economic uncertainty. Irrespective of whether it is gold, silver, platinum or palladium, they all have intrinsic values, they carry no credit risk and they're not subject to inflation.

No Jeweller that has completed their trade course would give the wrong information about hardness and malleability as they would understand the structure and characteristics of the metals they use. If you want to buy Jewellery of quality and know that you are getting what your paying for ask to speak to the Jeweller and ask to see their trade papers, any good Jeweller will be happy to oblige. I wanted to ask, My husband bought me an engagement ring for in We were told the crown that holds the diamond was made of Platinum because it was stronger and would hold the diamond in place much better than white or yellow gold.

One of the prongs bent after 9 years so I took the ring off and placed it in a safe place until I could take it in for repair. After inquiring about a reputable Jeweler to take the ring to we then gave them the ring. They inspected the ring and I told one of the employees that the crown was made of Platinum and one of the post bent and the diamond fell out.

She then took the ring to the back to be inspected by the jeweler. Two weeks went by and I had not heard from them. I called and she said they were waiting on a new crown to be shipped in. I said what crown… No one told me you were having to replace the crown. She said what no one called you and I said no. She put me on hold and came back and said there would not be any additional charge. Another week and a half went by and nothing so and I called them back and spoke with someone else.

He said he was still waiting on the crown but should have it ready by the following week. He said they were waiting on the white gold crown and it had been back ordered. I told him the crown was made of Platinum and he told me no he thought it was made of white gold. He said I can do it in Platinum but it will cost you a He said if the ring was made of Platinum it would have had 18k with a pt inside the band. He then gave me this speech of how much more durable the white gold was to set the the diamond into the crown.

I told him we were told Platinum was stronger for holding diamonds in place and he said well someone lied to you that is not so, white gold is stronger. Now I am suppose to pick the ring up tomorrow and am confused. All I cared about was making sure my diamond was secure. I am now scared because every thing I am reading it says the Platinum is stronger for holding the diamonds in place.

How do I protect myself and is it true that Platinum is stronger for holding the diamond in place. Also one other question.. Being a Jeweler would he not be able to tell the difference between white gold and Platinum.

He said you cannot tell the difference by looking at it. He said to even test it he would have to remove the crown away from the yellow gold band because with them together it would give a false reading. Thank You Arlene Belk. Hi Arlene Your jeweller is right in saying if it was Platinum, there would be a Platinum stamp or hallmark inside the band, although the original jeweller could have made the fundamental mistake of not stamping it. You can not tell the difference when new between rhodium plated white gold and platinum, but an experienced jeweller should be able to determine the type of metal.

After only 4 years, a small emerald cut diamond fell out from my eternity ring which is made out of white gold. I noticed that the ring is slightly oval shaped, no longer perfect circle which surprised me, as I am careful with my jewellery.

Possible bad workmanship or white gold just not strong enough? Each of the 5 emerald cuts. This leaves me wondering as I am about to have my white gold engagement ring reset into 3 large emerald cut diamonds!! Hi, I was just wondering if you wear titanium hardness 6 next to a rhodium plated white gold ring rhodium is hardness 6 whereas gold is 3 will this cause wear? Also, when people talk of the two metals rubbing and wearing, what kind of time frame are they talking about?

Will the rings be significantly damaged within 10 years, say? Hi Jaci It really depends on factors such as the design of the two rings and how they are worn. You might want to consult a jeweller and have the two rings soldered or spot welded together. Hi, I have an engagement ring with an 18ct yellow gold band and a diamond claw set in platinum. I am looking at a wedding band with a half band of claw set diamonds set in platinum half of the band will be 18ct gold and half platinum.

One jeweler recommended a grain set 18ct wedding band rather than claw set — what is your opinion? A grain set wedder would be a good idea as it will wear well over time. You may also want to investigate joining the wedding band and engagement ring together if you do go for the platinum claw setting.

Thank you ao much for this. My girlfriend, hopefully soon to be fiance, has a gold allergy and I thought platinum was my only option, as a jewellery sales person told me that after the Rhodium plating wore off she would experience allergy symptoms again.

Hi Nikhil, My diamond white gold wedding ring lasted only for 6 months and than 3 diamonds fell. The jeweler claimed that it was my fault and that I did not take care of it. After the ring was repaired by the same jeweler, one month later, 2 diamonds fell again. I requested refund but jeweler accepts only to redo the ring. What would you suggest? Dude learn how to write. Less is more bra. Hello, Please help me! Some kind of rings brake me out n turn my finger green!

Hi Mindy It would be best to ask the person you bought it from what alloy the ring is made from. The most common allergy is from nickel, which is a common metal used in white gold in North America. You may also want to consult your doctor regarding this.

Question for you — I had a platinum ring repaired by a jeweler — center stone came loose — and noticed the underside of the ring, looked cleaned up.

The ring was not originally made well. Is it possible for a jeweler to take out excess metal from the underside of a platinum ring? Viewing in the loop, it sure looks machine manipulated. Is 18K white Gold really to soft for a daily ring or is it just what people think? Do most of the ring repairs you do is on 18k not as much on 14 k? I am going to purchasing a. I have been told that the best setting would be a screw style stud with 4 claws. What would be the best metal combination for the stud?

Hi Nikhil, I work in a jewellery store and your article has helped me so much in explaining the pros and cons of each metal to customers. Regarding a white gold band with a platinum setting, how are the metals joined together?

Given the differences in malleability and hardness of each metal is there a chance that this may compromise the integrity of the setting? Hi there, Two questions for you out. Firstly what would be a fair price to set a. Just a plain ring with a 4 claw setting. Secondly do you know any talented jewellers in Brisbane that would do a good job. Hi Alexandra Thank you for your input.

The setting is soldered on the the shank using white gold solder, and given most rings are made in two or more pieces, the integrity of the setting is not compromised. Likewise, there is no problem with soldering yellow gold to Platinum. I have just had a platinum wedding made in Thailand where I am living at the moment, the guy in the shop told me it would be 5 mm width and about 20g in weight of platinum PT plain band with a flat top I wanted it to be thick heavy , I was very disappointed when I saw the ring, the weight was only I asked them to melt it down and make a new ring by adding more platinum and to make the ring heavier.

They said it was not possible to melt platinum to do this is that true? He said my only option was to have a a new ring made with new platinum, and I will only get scrap weight for the new ring I just had made. Hi Joel For most jewellers, it is not possible to reliably melt Platinum into a reusable form to re-make a ring.

The head setting for the center stone is the V type setting for a princess cut stone. My question is that since the head setting prongs will also have diamonds in micropave style going up the side of the prongs. Not knowing how this theory relates to microwave, my question is should I still do the head in platinum too or go with white gold to best secure the micropave prong diamonds?

I was told my ring was platinum. Now 36 years later I need to have the ring resized larger. Jeweller told me it was white gold not platinum. It has 18kt stamp. From memory, it may have been lighter in col I ur, but it has never been shiny silver.

How can I ensure that if the ring is enlarged, it is made using the same mixture as the original? Hi Sonja An 18kt stamp indicates that it is indeed white gold. A reputable jeweller should be able to size it for you using the same or similar alloy.

Would you recommend a platinum or white gold for the band? After reading your article i am thinking platinum to better hold the smaller diamonds, but you are the expert. Hi Nikhil, I just placed an order for 2 white gold 18 Kt wedding bands with brush finish. I am being told it would turn yellow after 1 year and I would have to polish it.

What would you suggest, stick with white or go for platinum instead. Hi Guru It depends on what the white gold is alloyed with. Palladium alloys will stay very white, whilst nickel based alloys will tend to go yellow.

Here in Mumbai, India there are very few jewellers who deal in platinum rings or jewellery. I have decided to go with platinum for my anniversary gift. Let see how it turns out to be.. What is whiter in colour — platinum or 18k White gold? In regards to Platinum being re-used — yes — it is possible, but can be very hap-hazard.

Hello, A few questions: I live in bangkok and rings tarnish here due to the heat. Hi Nikhil, I have recently developed an allergy to my 9k and 14k gold jewellery. Do you think it would be safe to assume that I would be fine with any 18k gold, yellow or white? Or do you recommend switching to white gold or platinum? Also, do you have any recommendations for a jeweller in Brisbane that does 18k gold or platinum earrings without a stone?

Thanks in advance, Bec. Hi Bec It would be best to consult a doctor to confirm your allergy and then seek a non nickel based gold or platinum alloy for jewellery. Hi Nikhil I am looking for a plain 2. Do you have any information on this? What does patina mean? My understanding is that the ring turns gray. Thank you in advance, Whitney.

Hi Whitney The patina is the finish that platinum will develop when it is dented and scratched. Generally this only develops on the bottom of the ring, and can be removed by polishing the ring. I was going to have a black cabochon opal set.

I thought it may be nice to use platinum. However the jewelry designer recommended ct. What is your opinion. It is an 8 ct opal, oblong. Hi Terry — Considering 22 or 24kt gold and platinum are a different colour, it would come down to personal colour choice. Hi, I recently got engaged back in May. Also sometimes it looks very shiny some days it looks a little dull….

In any case, both white gold and platinum rings should be serviced every years. My wife dislocated her ring finger. This resulted in her platinum band and engagement rings being cut off to relocate and exray her finger. What is the best way and most cost effective way of repairing or replacing the rings?

Repair or melt metal and buy a new one? Hi Richard You may want to visit a few jewellers to get quotes and their opinion on whether or not they can be repaired or they need to be re-made. Hi, I am looking at getting a platinum engagement ring with pave diamonds on the band but a rose gold wedding ring. Is that possible or would you recommend getting a platinum wedding ring too? Hi Mary It sounds like an attractive combination. Irrespective of whether it is gold, silver, platinum or palladium, they all have intrinsic values, they carry no credit risk and they're not subject to inflation.

Therefore, precious metals constitute one of your best options against financial or political upheavals. Gold has been the preferred currency ever since ancient times. Although the metal is renowned for its malleability, durability and conductivity properties, gold is primarily utilized nowadays as a safe haven against inflation.

The price has dropped slightly at the beginning of the year, but gold appears to have recovered quickly. Despite small fluctuations, gold will continue to be a safe store of value whose price is less affected by the principles of supply and demand. Let's explore the reasons why investors should expand their portfolios with physical gold:.

Although some dub it gold's ugly sister, silver constitutes another excellent alternative to securing your profits and your future. Unlike gold, the demand for silver for industrial application is greater and this is why the price of the metal is lower and more volatile.

While silver is not as popular as gold, here are some of the reasons why investors should consider it for their portfolio:. Due to its extensive array of applications, the demand for silver will continue to grow. Similar to gold and silver, platinum is purchased and sold as a commodity all across the globe.

However, platinum is considerably rarer than gold and silver, so scarce that some say the entire amount of metal ever mined could easily fit in an average size living room. Even though platinum has a shorter history in the financial sector, the metal is a great investment because:. Often found as a byproduct of platinum extractions, palladium is actually 15 times rarer than the aforementioned precious metal.

Similar to platinum and silver, palladium is an industrial metal with numerous applications in dentistry, electronics and automobile production. Although palladium is a relatively new commodity — compared to gold and silver — there are several reasons why owning it makes sense:.

Another week and a half went by and nothing so and I called them back and spoke with someone else. I was told my ring was platinum.

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Another week and a half went by and nothing so and I called them back and spoke with someone else. Silver is naturally found in deposits as argentite Ag 2 S and horn silver AgCl.

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