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2018: The Transition Year.

 · districts may lease surplus school district property to public or private entities on the condition that the leased property be used for an adolescent health care clinic, where the board of directors finds that such a use is compatible with the district's other uses for its property and where the clinic is not, directly or indirectly, operated or controlled by the school district itself (see AGO No. . Information for Property Owners in the Washougal School District. In , Washington State’s education related tax plan underwent an overhaul, and, as a result, your next state schools .

Information for Property Owners in the Washougal School District

One student was dead and three more were rushed to a Washington state hospital after shots were fired at a high school near Spokane, authorities said.

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How select lawmakers voted on education-funding plan

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Chemical control strategies shall be used only where a mix of other strategies is inadequate and pest damage is above tolerable levels. This is not a change in the Washougal School District levy rate, but a change in the state rate.

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