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S&P GSCI Indices

Equity indices news.

(S&P GSCI) Widely regarded as the best single gauge of the large cap U.S. equities market since S&P was first published in The index has over US$ trillion benchmarked, with index assets comprising approximately US$ trillion of this total. The index includes leading companies in leading industries of the U.S. economy. S&P GSCI increased or % to 2, on Friday January 4 from 2, in the previous trading session. Historically, GSCI Commodity Index reached an all time high of in July of and a record low of in January of

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The S&P GSCI Agriculture Enhanced Select Total Return Index reflects the total return available through an unleveraged investment in specific commodity components of the S&P GSCI. The calculation is modified to apply certain seasonal rolling rules. The S&P GSCI Agriculture Enhanced Select contains only four commodities -- corn, soybeans, sugar and wheat (Chicago).

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When industrialised economies dominate world growth, the metals sector of the GSCI generally responds more than the agricultural components. He argued that Goldman's large purchases of long-options on wheat futures created a demand shock in the wheat market, which disturbed the normal relationship between Supply and Demand and price levels.

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Retrieved from " https: Conversely, when emerging markets dominate world growth, petroleum-based commodities and agricultural commodities tend to be more responsive.

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