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SkyMiles-Meilen sammeln und einlösen mit Flügen von Jetstar. Can I earn miles on Jetstar travel? No. You cannot earn miles on Jetstar travel. SkyMiles Members may only redeem miles for Award Travel on Jetstar flights. I live in the U.S./Europe, can I redeem towards Award Travel on Jetstar? No. Award Travel on Jetstar is currently only available to SkyMiles Members with a mailing address in. This did not take long to come out. Delta, internally, does still use the now hidden Delta award charts. Delta also has internally published the new higher priced SkyMiles award upgrade charts but did not share them with us when they e-mailed about the SkyMiles program changes.

Account information: differs according to status 4. Present information 5. Your activities and the award and status miles that you have earned in the period in detail.

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