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21/6/ · So, that means that whichever way New York & California decide to vote the rest of the nation should go along? 26/6/ · Handel wins Georgia special election The Square.

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A friend of mine rips on it. I have surfed it ,but my 6'2 frame makes take offs hard! I want to shape a 4'6 ft just to counter the pivot point on take offs. I kept a lot of volume for extra floatation , put some concave in the nose into flat middle and double concave at the fins and flat in the tail.

It works great even in bigger flat waves. I left the rails thick and boxy with an Alaia type rail in the last 12 inch. My one friend always tells me why don't you just shape normal boards. He is a well respected Shaper My answer to him is, then I can just go buy one in the shop , why bother shaping! To me its about having the most fun riding waves. I will never win any contest but no one is having more fun than me!

Whether i am on a 14ft Sup riding ocean swells or on my Log noseriding 2ft waves or surfing perfection on my Simmons style boards, if it brings a smile I am happy. Posted by Big Fish. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe To Posts Atom. There will be no Alley Fish Fry in The Alley Fish Fry has been a great experience in the park opposite the beach at Currumbin, but unfortunately it has run it's course. I will put my energies into supporting others who would like to follow this successful theme elsewhere.

Thanks for the ride. It was a non competitive and non commercial gathering of board riders and builders of these sweet craft. It was about the shapers who craft these boards and those of us who enjoy the ride. Each year we saw many new ideas expanding on the the original designs and that's what is great about where surfing is at today.

If you have pics of boards you are building please feel free to e - mail me and I will post them here. The first Fish Fry in Australia came about after checking out the one in Oceanside California in I thought it looked like fun and something we should have down here for ourselves.

The second event was probably twice the size of the 1st with shapers and surfers from all over. A great vibe with everyone embracing the spirit behind the day. The day is held in the park across the road from the Currumbin Alley which means there are waves at the point, the river mouth or the beach break depending on the day.

So bring lunch , the family and your mates with you to celebrate this fun little board - The Fish. A great day to meet shapers and swap ideas and boards. The Quiksilver Pro is on down the road at Snapper and the Noosa Longboard Festival starts a week later so there are plenty of surfers on the coast.

Come along , make yourself known and I look forward to meeting you. The links below are of people who have supported the Fish Fry and Fish related sites. In that capacity, she managed office operations and spearheaded Mrs. She rallied businesses and community leaders and developed a recovery plan.

Today the North Fulton Chamber is thriving and creating much-needed jobs. She made the strategic cuts needed and balanced the county budget three times without raising taxes.

She also made ethics reform a cornerstone of her agenda and passed the most stringent ethics laws of any local government in Georgia. Handel also received national recognition for uncovering corruption that led to the removal of Fulton County Sheriff Jackie Barrett.

As Secretary of State, Handel supervises nearly employees. Her duties include overseeing elections, corporations, securities, professional licensing boards, and an anti-fraud investigative unit she formed in her first months in office. Handel is a lifelong conservative and Republican. She and her husband Steve live in Roswell with their two cavalier spaniels Maggie and Mia. Read more about Karen Handel at her website: All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners.

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He wishes he'd never been born.

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From the late s through the early s he frequently collaborated with Robert Benton. She immediately entered the law school at the University of Florida where she graduated with honors in

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