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Binance to Delist Bytecoin, BCN Price Drops Over 15%

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The latest BBC Business News: breaking personal finance, company, financial and economic news, plus insight and analysis into UK and global markets. Bytecoin is an open-sourced, private and untraceable cryptocurrency that was started in Bytecoin is the first coin that implemented CryptoNote technology as a default aspect to build a project.

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Many hodlers took to twitter to express their displeasure with the two events. One such tweet showed the obvious frustrations of the Bytecoin community as follows:. There are many big exchanges ahead, the main thing is not to give up! Another hodler was shocked by the brief notice given by Binance.

I did not know that these coins would be delisted, my coins are gone now. What about my money? We are in the process of active communication with the Binance representatives about the delisting situation. Bytecoin should proceed its trading on Binance without any issues, and we are trying to come to an agreement as soon as possible. One that knew that Binance will list BCN and had enough funds to move the price this high.

Besides this, a short time after this, Poloniex disabled withdrawals,a fair thing to do in this situation. This things happened in crypto. As the number one exchange, Binance should check the cryptocurrencies more properly before adding them and keep the suspicious ones out of their exchange. The community made Binance what it is and Binance should understand that.

Please create a safe enviroment for trading. For us, the clients that use your service. This is a guest post made by a BCN enthuasiasts regarding the current situation. What did you think would happen once Binance re-enabled deposits they did btw?

The price jump was unnatural and unsustainable. I mean come on, if you want to lose money, go gamble at a casino. Listing Bytecoin on Binance caused a surge in traffic slowing down the network so far as to halt BCN withdrawals.

It will be restored shortly. Binance listings lead to strong price surges on Binance and on other exchanges. Although, the withdrawal capability freeze from network overload creates imbalance such that Binance listing is much greater than other exchanges.

She has been researching and writing about the Blockchain technology for a year now.

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What about my money? The delisting of Bytecoin by the two prominent exchanges has not gone unnoticed by the crypto community.

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