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With over 20, locations, U-Haul is the largest, one-stop shop for all your DIY needs. Whether you're looking for a truck, trailer, storage, hitch installation or propane we have you covered. That any and all U-Haul Information is confidential and shall be the intellectual and proprietary information of U-Haul International, Inc., and/or its wholly owned subsidiaries. You shall not directly or indirectly, reveal, disseminate or disclose any U-Haul Information to any third party person, firm, corporation or entity of any kind in any manner whatsoever. That the aforementioned.

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My most recent experience with U-Haul was similar. It took the local franchisee half an hour and two calls to their internal tech support line to get my reservation corrected. As an IT guy, I could only shake my head…. Just walking in and trying to get something done with a human, though… never works out. In my case, that meant I was stuck with a cargo van, and had to spend all day partially disassembling furniture to make it fit and taking many, many trips instead of a single trip…and then asking for a concession on the back end to delete the excess mileage from my bill.

You have to drop it back to where you rented. Every move I have made during my adult life either stared in a location were U-haul was the only choice within plus miles or ended in a place where U-haul was the only choice. I just realized to add something here. This could have to do with NY state business regs, which are worse than literally every other state.

They were actually less expensive than U-Haul and it was a pretty nice truck 1 year old GMC with only about 13k on the clock. Hauled all my stuff and towed my car nearly miles across the country in relative comfort. Averaged 12mpg even with that load. I remember passing U-Hauls that looked to be 15 years old or more and wondering why anyone still uses them.

They have to be one of the least customer friendly companies around…. Perhaps it depends on where the surplus trucks are at the time you ask. Poor guy who drove it some forgotten family friend had to put up with my annoying 5 year old self the entire time.

I worked at Penske as a red-haired lot schlub for a year and a half. My best friend did a terrifying summer as a U-Haul mechanic. Between my knowledge of Penske Truck Leasing full disclosure: Backwards, but without having to remove any of the plastic aerodynamic molding under the little bugger. Victory to the red-haired lot schlub! Long distance might be another story. For one-way truck rental, go with Penske. In-town rental, go with Enterprise Commercial. Their equipment is first-rate. They are roomier than a box van!

Again, a couple more bucks than U-Haul, but totally worth it! I have also had good experience with Enterprise Truck. Here in Cincinnati though, their locations are much fewer than Uhaul or Penske. Location may be a part of Uhaul too. In my town we have two full on U haul stores plus at least 3 other places that keep a few U haul trucks for rental. U-Haul, and to a lesser extent, Penske, will give a franchise to any schmo who owns a parking lot.

Yeah, that makes sense. I believe the Enterprise model is all in house like you say. I am happy to have their regular office plus a separate Truck one about 1. Parking lot is generous. The last Uhaul I rented was from a dirt lot filled with detritus and old boats mind you, about 5km from the lake , the office was a trailer, and there was a framed poster of the Johnny Depp movie Blow.

The yellow Penske Truck Leasing shops are all corporate controlled. The agents are usually moving companies, storage companies, and now Home Depots. A large city might have two or three actual PTL locations, wherein they employ sales people, diesel techs, etc.

All the trucks find their way back to a corporate location every 10, miles for their checkup, wherein they get cleaned and head on their merry way. Agents are supposed to clean out the trucks and whatnot, but some of them are bound to be less caring and put out some slovenly boxes, in contrast to the actual corporate staff at the actual PTL locations.

My main job for them was cleaning out rentals and lease trucks, with light mechanical work performed as needed. Ryder is the major Penske competitor, Their quality is comparable to Penske's. Budget is in third place and Enterprise is a diiiiiiiiiiiistant fourth or fifth? Ryder or Penske will both rent you a reliable truck for moving duties. Penske retires everything in the consumer markets at year 5, IIRC. Our location had a constant stream of brand-new equipment being dropped off for in-service.

Uhaul gets away do to brand recognition and low advertised rates. I will also admit they build their own boxes and trailers which have some pretty good features, but in return they drive the fleet into the ground before they replace it. I once had a toyota box truck from them around it had to be at least 12 years old and if I remember had around k miles on it. If UHaul Canada is like the US version, then then the reason for the attitude of employees is that UHaul is usually a side gig for a gas station, convenience store, pet store, or whatever.

No need to care about the business. Booked a truck to move a relative from Toronto to Kingston. Booked 6 weeks in advance and confirmed the pick-up location. We are in the very easternmost end of the GTA. I confirmed the week before and the day before. That is when they told me that I would have to pick up my truck from a location in the westernmost part of the GTA. The drive to get the truck and then drive it back to where it needed to be loaded would be longer than the drive from there to Kingston.

Spent a couple of hours hounding and negotiating as there was no way that I was going to pay mileage from the pick-up location. Eventually got my way. Next time booked a van to move a family member into a condo. They had a 90 minute window to use the elevator, which they had to pay for. No other elevator availability that weekend. Got to U-Haul and they had no vehicles. The one allocated to us had not been returned. Finally they got us a pick-up. In a heavy rainfall. Wrapped tarps over everything.

Looked like the Okies in Grapes of Wrath. Then had to bribe the Building Manager and the young couple who had the elevator booked after us to let us unload and use the elevator.

The problem with U-Haul is they have no quality control regarding their franchisees who generally use it as a 2nd or 3rd source of income. Have recently found a U-Haul franchise that is professionally run and generally has new vehicles. Last weekend got an F with miles on it. Before that an F with about 2, miles. But come to think of it, I have not yet received confirmation of my total bill for my last rental!!!!!

U-Box sounds like a great idea on paper — and in practice it could be a great option, but after reading your article it leads me to believe how half baked the idea was from the get go — from poorly manufactured boxes, to buggy computer softer, to incompetent sales staff…. U-Haul seems to have this sort of history from years of yore where trucks, well past their prime, are kept on the road, with little to no routine maintenance.

Seems like now, at least, they have modernized their fleet. This preceded a 2-week cross-country camping trip. The national help line was useless, so I simply went back to the store and they immediately exchanged that trailer for a good one. It often provides bogus availability information for the smaller stores.

Two months ago, I tried to rent a large trailer on short notice. The app told me it was available at Store A, but their confirmation message sent me to Store B, which required some extra driving. I too only rented from dedicated U-Haul stores — in one case driving a half-hour out of my way to do so.

No problems at all. Maybe I just got lucky. Even the old farts are joining in…thanks to the low deck height and aluminum ramp. Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google, etc. This is what happens when you deal with companies where the culture does not value individual accountability. Last time I had an International with a VT Well Mark, welcome to the world of moving house and home.

I do move forced quite regularly, as often as every 3 years and you do have my sympathy. As mentioned above, you pay for the quality of service you get. Here in Australia the cheaper the Removal the less talent there appears to be handling your precious possessions. If you do think you will move in the future maintain the inventory and delete the possessions that gradually go in the garbage or sell. The container with your possessions tend to be dropped in the weather outside.

Lots of removals are done using containers Australia anyway and can be placed on rail. Try and avoid rail travel, believe it or not it is harder on your possessions. More damage occurs on rail vs road. At your end as your possessions are unloaded and unpacked, CHECK each and every item for damage and losses.

Some removalist only provide indemity cover Australia anyway. I have had friends who had a refrigerator trashed. So insure to cover for full replacement of the item. People are people wherever you go, most people are genuine and great. U-haul is the only chain that would rent me a trailer to tow with my own truck at all. But a Pod competitor that you have to handle last-mile delivery of yourself?

Why did they bother with that business model? They should drop it at location A as scheduled; pick it up at another scheduled time of your choice, and deliver it to location B at a time of your choice. I have had reasonably good luck renting trailers from UHaul.

Never had much problem other than they used to use a different connector for the wiring then the one my trucks had mine had a 4-pin. Of course, they do sell the adapters…. Problem is unless the UHaul agent has the truck you need on site, they all go back to a common fleet which may or may not have been maintained. A few years ago during a truck safety blitz, they went after a lot of rental trucks.

They pulled 11 U Hauls trucks off the road in a day for safety violations. After spending another hour and a half with them — I wound up driving across Atlanta traffic to another location to go pick up a busted up, really old AT trailer with horrible tires and ramps that kept sliding out on their own. Typical horrible customer service. I would be more cautious about anything long distance. Just goes to show that when there are too many people in a family, something has to give.

The founders of U Haul probably did not pay attention to the business because they have to referee all the kids. The question to ask would be: Would you rent a trailer from a family that Supernanny would find appalling? Nobody knows how to treat a customer right anymore. We are sorry the transmission took a shit in your moving van, so here, ride in the BACK of the service truck while we take you to get another van.

Yes, this happened to me. I was simply helping a friend, she rented the truck and I was doing the driving. I was a UHaul private dealer for about a year. I was a auto repair shop owner and rented Uhaul trucks to supplement my income and get some foot traffic in my shop HA! Traffic would direct any and all lucrative contracts to the corporate headquarters a few miles away.

I got the shit end of the stick. I was spending about 15 miserable hours a week on the phone and renting out trucks. The most money I made with uhaul was getting trucks returned without enough fuel. Their rental software sucked ass. You had to click through about dozen web pages to enter information for a rental. All of this information could have been entered in one form. The site typically locked up on the 9th or 10th page, requiring to start everything over from scratch. They were old, in poor repair, had high mileage and were priced, IMHO, at about 3x their value.

Basically they were using me for free storage. Needless to say I told her to kick rocks and on that note made the call to traffic that I was quitting Uhaul! Remember when they rented dilapidated trucks with bald tires and bad brakes, with renters slamming into traffic and killing people?

I have had good experiences with Penske, Ryder, and Discount. My sole U-Haul rental was a horror story. The U-Haul truck was an old, high mileage unit. About 75 miles out fourth gear went south. The operator advised Road Service is not available on weekends! We took to rural roads, limped into our destination miles later, and off-loaded.

Called the number and asked the operator if I could drop the truck off at a local U-Haul depot and make our own way home. I had a UHaul move 21 years ago in July I made a reservation for an automatic truck.

Come the day they only had manuals available. I had to pay someone from work to drive it for me. It was a complete POS too. A few years later I made a reservation at Budget for month end. This seems odd to me. If I were posting on a self-described website for car enthusiasts I would keep mum about my clutch incompetence.

Still, holding a grudge for 21 years shows, uh, commitment. Good job for that, at least you showed up! Well, customers are not number 1 in Nova Scotia.

I lived in Halifax for 5 years and for the first year I thought I lived in a parallel universe. The problem is, the people are so nice that it is hard to get upset, even though everything is screwed up. Something like a 24 ft truck from UH. In far west Texas, darkness happened so I turned on the lights…. No said the UH Asshole. OK, your damned truck is just outside of Vega Texas sitting on an off ramp.

I was seriously unimpressed with the build quality and security of the box. Sure enough, the friend locked her own keys in the box and was able to remove the lock and latch by removing the exposed screws on the latch It was installed backwards, as it was on all the boxes that I checked later.

The advertised size of the box was based on exterior dimensions, so we also barely got her couch to fit inside. The next move was helping a family member load his truck for a move from TN to CO. Everything was reserved in advance, he confirmed there was truck available the day before, and got to the office on time. No trucks, not even one on the lot. After 20 minutes of arguing, getting a manager, and showing the call history on his phone, they finally found him a truck two sizes larger on the other side of town.

This is how this family member ended up driving a 24 ft long box truck the first time he ever drove something larger than his Honda Oddessy. So lemme get this straight: You are right Cornellier. Not sure about all Canadians, but at least the ones in Nova Scotia. Nowadays every conventional moving company is trying the model, too. The following ItemHasRegularExpressionMatch rule activates the add-in whenever the sender's SMTP email address matches contoso , regardless of uppercase or lowercase characters.

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I believe the Enterprise model is all in house like you say.

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