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Drops ransom how-to named decrypt. It stains hostage files with the. ULOZ strings to encrypted files. NET, the sample in question displays Globe-style ransom notes. FDP extension to label encrypted files. No other noteworthy changes have been made.

A virus as part of tax evasion hoax. Its spinoff uses the. Real-world threats target web servers. OTR extension to encrypted files and instructs victims to send email to diligatmail7 tutanota. Equipped with a GUI. GG extension to encoded files. Ransom note contents are in Polish.

Might be a PoC. Deletes one file per minute until paid. Researchers figured out that the unlock code is CYRON extension to files. OXR extension to blemish encrypted data. Stains files with the. Isis string and demands 0. Shows animated warnings, uses the. Claims to have been made by a script kiddie. It zeroes in on French users, uses the. Automatically installs Tor onto a targeted host and subjoins the. It is in-dev so far. No crypto is implemented. This can cause OS malfunctions.

Attackers demand 53 BTC. Encrypts data in the Video folder only. Fortunately, it does not actually encrypt anything. Speckles encrypted files with the. The newcomer uses the. Saramat file extension and asks for 0. Also pilfers personal data. Ransom notes provide language choice out of English, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish. It switches to using the. Speckles data with the.

Displays a warning screen in Russian and English. Still spreads mostly in Ukraine. Based on ransom notes, it is intended to target German users. Can be decrypted for free. May potentially be decryptable. ZW suffix to encoded data and extorts 0. The warning message is in German. Crude so far, only renames files without actually encrypting them. It provides no recovery option, though.

It is quite likely decryptable. Sets a hour payment deadline. Nothing else is noteworthy about it. It used to leave instructions in a TXT file. Somewhat crude at this point. Presumably of Turkish origin. It displays warnings in Spanish and subjoins the. ExoLock string to files and demands 0. It uses random exensions and bears a close resemblance to the Cerber ransom Trojan. This limited spreading may be a test run.

Only works for a variant using hard coded crypto key. SaherBlueEagleRansomware exension for hostage data items. XmdXtazX file extension was made by a cynical developer who emphasizes he can set the ransom size as he pleases. Fortunately, it fails to perform data encryption and simply displays a spooky warning. Pretends to be a VPN app. Mainly targets Indonesian users and appends the. XiaoBa[number range ] extension. The new file extension is colecyrus mail.

So users may be able to restore files. No further changes have been made. Generates a ransom notification in Spanish and concatenates the. Based on open-source code. XZZX extension for encrypted files. SEXY string to encoded data items. Sterling Morton High School Illinois students. Pretends to be a student survey. Goes with a well-designed GUI and concatenates the.

No real crypto so far. Lacks encryption functionality at this point. Appends the [suupport protonmail. It switches to the. Currently does not spread in the wild. Extensive analysis not done yet. This one is a remake of a notorious sample. Does not encrypt anything, only locks the screen. TEST extension being concatenated to hostage files. The unlock code is Currently in development, with no crypto in place.

RansomMine extension to enciphered files, hence the name. Restores data if it spots Minecraft 1. Displays a GUI with warning text in German. Adds random extensions to files while not encrypting. Now uses curly braces instead of brackets prepending the. TEARS suffix to files. GOTYA extension to locked data items. Pretends to be Google Chrome update. Demands ransom via credit card payment. WORK file extension and an updated list of contact email addresses. DS extension without modifying filenames.

Researchers looking for samples. The unlock code is 63uhgASd Prioritizes the encryption workflow by first affecting Desktop, Pictures and Documents directories.

FILE extension to encoded items and uses new contact email addresses. Hello, you are encrypted! Its newest version switches to using the.

Koporushkin culprit encrypts files adding the. CryptWalker suffix to encrypted files. LTML extension to stain encoded data. Does not modify filenames. In-dev at this point. It simply displays a warning screen so far, with no crypto in place. Does not encrypt and simply generates a warning screen.

No crypto at this point. Only displays a warning screen. Staff refuses to pay the ransom. DREAM string to locked files. Analysts were able to crack it fairly fast. The crooks demand 0. Still decryptable courtesy of demonslay Most suffered such attacks twice during the year. The emails contain rogue receipts. Does not leave a ransom how-to. BlackRuby extension to filenames.

Additionally installs a Monero cryptocurrency miner. Tornado extension and drops a ransom note named key. No registration fee required. There are reportedly good backups in place. Accepts Bitcoin Cash for ransoms. Bitconnect to files and instructs victims to post photos of themselves on Instagram. Sil3nt5pring extension to ransomed files. Additional sanctions take effect over U.

The FBI is investigating. May be a data wiper. No working recovery, though. EGG string to encrypted files. Not yet in active distribution. Executives state the attack surface is minor and remediations were applied. New build appends the. MOLE66 string to locked data items. Both are deposited on target hosts via hacked remote desktop services. Analysts figured out the unlock code: Demands hours of playing to decrypt.

Researcher Michael Gillespie cracks this one. Can still be decrypted for free. Now it replaces the desktop background with a warning screen. HORSE extension and horsuke nuke. It can still be decrypted beyond ransom. New version of the Everbe ransomware drops! Probably an in-dev specimen. Uses a weak crypto key.

Targets Brazilian users, concatenating the. Crashes the screen shortly. RedEye extension for ransomed files. One more iteration features heineken tuta.

SF extension to hostage objects. I got infected with Locky Ransomware last year. I had to lose my files. This timeline is awesome it can aware people to know about ransomware. The average person is so unaware how rampant and dangerous ransomware is. Thanks for putting this together and keeping it top of mind. Thank you for creating this! I have consolidated your table into a visualization at austintaylor.

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A virus as part of tax evasion hoax. Bonuses are calculated at the end of each month and are added to your account automatically.

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Based on ransom notes, it is intended to target German users. So many popular mobile slots are to be found in the well designed and easy to navigate lobby.

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