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Anzac Day 2018 retail trading hours: A state-by-state guide

Exemptions to small shops.

A list of NSW public holidays and NSW local holidays. Change text size: 25 April (Anzac Day) is a restricted shop trading day in NSW until pm. Anzac Day Retail Trading in NSW In the retail trading sector the Anzac Day before 1pm is restricted days. Under the Retail Trading Act trading before 1pm on.

Exemptions to trade on restricted days

The National Ceremony starts at In Adelaide , services will also be a show of support for the local branch of the RSL.

The branch has been placed in voluntary administration because of financial woes. The Anzac Day march begins on North Terrace at 9. Anzac Day in Darwin will be marked by the traditional dawn service at 6am at the Darwin Cenotaph followed by the march up the Esplanade at 9am.

The march leaves Macquarie Street at 11am. In Perth , the dawn service is at 6am at Kings Park. Hamish Blair 1 of A moving celebration went off without a hitch amid heavy security. Bill Hearne 4 of Australian's and New Zealander's today honour those who died on the nd anniversary of the battle of Gallipoli in WWI.

Bill Hearne 6 of Bill Hearne 8 of Crowds at the service. Glenn Hampson 9 of Adam Armstrong 11 of Adam Armstrong 12 of Coles and Woolworths stores will open across the state from 1pm, and will generally close at or shortly before their standard hours, ranging from 6pm to midnight. Most retail stores, including department stores in Westfield shopping complexes, will open from 1pm.

Certain stores, particularly take-away food shops, may open earlier or at different times. Warringah Mall, Liverpool, Eastgardens, and Hornsby complexes will be open from 1pm to 5pm, while Westfield Sydney will be open from 1pm to 7pm and Westfield Penrith from 1pm to 5. Most banks will be closed for the entire day, although a select few branches across the city will open from 1pm.

What's on, what's open and what's not. The Sydney Morning Herald. There are penalties in place if an employer forces an employee to work on restricted days. Employment law is quite an expansive area of law, which is governed by a range of legislation and regulations. When navigating through this area of law as either an employer or employee it may be in your interests to seek legal advice from a professional with experience in this area of law.

For more information on employment related matters, please visit the following page: I am a retailer trading in NSW. What are the restricted trading days for my sector?

This means that unless you are exempt or meet certain criteria, you are not allowed to trade on the following days: The following criteria will be taken into consideration: The nature of the shop and the kind of goods that are sold; If there is a special need for the shop to be kept open for trading on the particular restricted days; If there will be any potential effects of the exemption upon local businesses in the area including tourism; If there will be any effects on the employees who would be required to work on the restricted days.

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What time can Tasmanian businesses operate on Anzac Day? Christmas Day — 25 December Christmas Day is a Christian celebration in commemoration of the birth of Jesus and is generally listed as a national public holiday.

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