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Breaking Down the Dave Ramsey Investing Strategy

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Knowing how to deal with debt is easy—pay it off! Investing, however, isn’t quite so simple. Most people have questions about when and how to invest their money, so here’s an inside look at Dave Ramsey’s investing philosophy. Dave Ramsey's four-fund mix includes only one asset type; there are only stock funds, no bond funds or cash (money market or stable value). A portfolio consisting of % stocks is simply inappropriate for the vast majority of Dave's audience, and in the opinion of your humble mutual funds guide, an asset allocation of % stock funds is wrong for most human beings on the planet.

Which Funds to Choose?

by MedicalLabScientist. I always knew that the reason Dave Ramsey gave horrible investment advice to his listeners by advocating loaded mutual funds over low cost index funds was because he made money off the referral fees.

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4 Mutual Fund Types

But he also has said that the most important thing about saving for retirement is that you do save. A user friendly investing tool.

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He also recommends long-term care insurance to cover the cost of things like nursing homes and in-home nursing care. The Baby Steps BS1:

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