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Average live view duration: Total view time divided by the number of views. The total time in hours the live event was played across all views. The number of simultaneous views. Peak concurrent is the highest number of concurrent viewers during an event. The number of times a browser or device started playing the stream. The number of messages sent in live chat per minute. Mobile live streams feature several metrics while you are live. Health of the stream currently being sent to YouTube from your mobile device.

This includes specific error messages with instructions Concurrent viewers: The number of simultaneous viewers. Peak concurrent is the highest number of viewers during a live stream. How long the stream has lasted.

These can be turned off or filtered for just Super Chat messages by tapping the button at the center bottom. The total number of users that have liked the stream.

These transfer to the VOD archive of the live stream. When you finish a mobile live stream there is a quick snapshot of your stream metrics. The number of users who subscribed to your channel during the stream. The total time the event was played across all views.

The highest number of views during the stream. The length of time the stream was live. The average time a viewer watched the stream. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. DE rückmelden weitergeben weiterleiten zurückleiten …geben rückkoppeln. Similar translations Similar translations for "to feed back" in German. German ernähren füttern speisen versorgen abfüttern einspeisen verpflegen zuführen atzen abspeisen auffüttern durchfüttern verköstigen zuleiten am Brennen halten unterhalten mit Nährstoffen versorgen verstärken nähren satt machen verfüttern weiden weiden lassen zuleiten zuspielen essen fressen.

German rückwärtig abgelegen hintere hinterer hinteres rückseitig rückständig. German wieder zurück weiter hinten. Context sentences Context sentences for "to feed back" in German These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English They take real-time data and immediately feed it back into the product.

English They bring it back and feed it to the larvae. English He's walking back to feed his chicks.

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DE rückmelden weitergeben weiterleiten zurückleiten …geben rückkoppeln.

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Because our data updates every second and for all symbols simultaneously, huge quantity of data is downloaded and available to you for analysis. Live stream metrics When you live stream on YouTube you'll be able to see how your stream performs.

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