METEORITE MARKET TRENDS. Feb, by Michael Blood. The end of January and beginning of February was the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. As always, this event provides the strongest single indicator of the direction of the Meteorite. Siedler Online Handelspreise; Börse Amd Call! /24/7 Online service is always offering you the prompt Maplestory Mesos delivery!

Sanktjohanser bleibt HDE-Präsident, Handelspreise verliehen

Das lässt auch die die Anbaufläche in die Höhe gehen. Dezember in Linz. Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an Junglandwirte, die einen Betrieb übernehmen möchten oder bereits übernommen haben und sich für digitale Landwirtschaft interessieren. Maiswurzelbohrer — Die Situation Mittlerweile ist der Maiswurzelbohrer schon in ganz Österreich zu finden. Versuche zeigen, wie man der Gefahr Herr werden kann. Produktionsfaktor Wetter Klimaveränderungen wirken massiv auf die heimische Landwirtschaft ein und Landwirte werden auf kurz oder lang darauf reagieren müssen.

Doch beeinflusst der Kalk nicht als einziger den Boden. Magnesium spielt hier auch eine wichtige Rolle. Alternative Ackerkulturen Abwechslung ist vor allem in Bio-Fruchtfolgen sehr wichtig. Doch ist die Palette an Ackerkulturen meist begrenzt. Ein Fachtag über alternative Ackerkulturen soll neue Möglichkeiten aufzeigen.

Florian in Oberösterreich eine Bio-Fachtagung statt. Leguminosen und Spezialgetreidesorten für den Bio-Landbau. Doch ist die Bedeutung bei uns noch sehr gering. Im Süden Frankreich sieht es da anders aus.

On the other hand, he guesses, that for a dealer, who is sitting on hundreds of kilos or even on tons of a single meteorite, it will be less harmful, to give away specimens at a low price. And as far as micromounts are concerned, he writes, that a dealer who has only 15 or 30g of a meteorite, comes only to consideration for collectors interested in find locations, as from such pieces the characteristics of the individual meteorite can't be seen.

But any collector would take small specimens, if no other are available - the prices paid then are irrational. In fact in a meteorite trade the personal moment will be the decisive factor, making a trade still to a not very pleasant occupation. Plausibility of the conversion: As told with exchanging the German Mark Goldmark into USD of our days, I had to use as a vehicle the gold price of then and today.

The problem with my exchange is, that we don't know the effective purchase power of gold in Thus, I think, that the results of the conversion sound not too unrealistic and the resulting meteorite prices give at least the right region.

Until next time, Michael Blood. A person stating he had to leave meteorite collecting for personal reasons offered a goodly number of meteorite specimens for sale. Most of them were well known, though not necessarily common.

A few I might not have heard of. After a couple of days he wrote back to ask what was going on. Had he asked "too much? Some of his prices were a little high and several were quite low, but most were pretty much right in the middle of the market. Yet, he had not sold a single specimen! This is a window into the market in general.

Regardless of price, for the most part the market is "sluggish," as they say. Jammed up, in the doldrums, kaput, lousy, nada. What can be said? There IS a market when a new fall arrives or a new find with interesting typology, but, apart from that, while there are some sales, it is "down. That guarantees SOME sort of sale, though not necessarily one whereby the seller recovers his original investment. What was far more impressive to me than the absence of sales was the fact that the collector was surprised that there were no sales.

I certainly wish him well, but I must admit I am a bit shocked that some collectors are only now starting to believe what I have been writing about and what dealers have been living with for several years. Not that anyone will do that. March, The dominating items on the market of late seam to be large specimens from the Haag Collection. Appears Bob had a "clearance sale" at the Tucson show, featuring many of the specimens from earlier Haag catalogs, thought of by many as the exemplary specimen of their respective falls or finds.

And, indeed, a great many of them are just that. Interestingly, the appearance of these items for resale brought cries of "Blasphemy! Of course, Bob, himself, anticipated such activity, and, indeed, welcomed it, knowing if people could resell his material, he would have a much more active buying population.

In fact, he frequently accompanied his sales pitches with commentary regarding the resale potential of a given item. Unlike many meteorite dealers, Bob always has viewed other dealers as expanding the base of the meteorite community, bringing more and more meteorites into the public eye and attracting more and more customers, while becoming his direct customers in the process.

Whatever else Bob Haag has been to the world of meteoritics, he has most certainly been a dealer. I have heard many dealers and even collector-wannabe dealers make derogatory comments a bout Bob. All, to me, were quite transparent in being stung very deeply by the envy bug.

All the while, saying nothing of his tireless bombardment of the public with exposure, information and never ending enthusiasm about meteorites, traveling the world in pursuit of meteorites and arranging museum deals, raising money, etc. One doesn't have to spend much time with Bob to experience his relentless gusto for the world of meteorites. But it is clear that Bob lives in a different reality where "winning the game" doesn't make the other players your "opposition," but rather fellow players - Interesting, and well worth noting.

Like the kid with the most marbles in the play yard, what fun is it unless there are a lot of other kids to play marbles with? However, it will "read better" if I put it in the form of a narrative, so, here goes: Angel and I left for the show well after my Monday afternoon classes and were confronted with the most magnificent moon I have seen in years as we passed over the mountains about 10PM.

To say it was "peach colored" would be a dramatic understatement, as it was as red as a glowing ember in a campfire!

However, by the time we got to Ocatilla on the desert floor, it had transformed into a "normal" white moon, much to our disappointment. However, since we never manage to make an "early" start, we were lucky to get there by 3AM, Tue.

However, we did very much enjoy the lush desert which appeared to have received as much rain as San Diego of late, giving it the appearance of a giant lawn looking into the distance with the highway bordered by beautiful orange, white, yellow and purple flowers.

No one appeared to be open but Mike Farmer who had Jim Strope hanging out talking meteorite trash. Mike showed me his new lunar and fabulous Shergottite, of which I bought the main mass.

I had to buy some of that instantly. I am still stunned that many people left Tucson without some of this exceptional material.

Marvin Killgore had a new pallasite a can't spell and couldn't get a good photo of, ET's room was jumpin' despite what I thought would have been a poor location, Loui Carion was there with his father, Alain with photos of a new discovery of dozens upon dozens of strewn fields with the largest shatter cones ever seen.

It looked like a moonscape! He also had a fabulous home made display case of his mostly miniature specimens which was truly inspiring. We were all highly entertained by his waterphone, which produces sounds heard in the background of several select Star Trek series and a few horror movies. A cross between ultra eerie and enchanting Theramin "music. Don't ever have anyone translate the song for you or you, too, will never make it through with a dry eye.

Friday Angel and I did a little shopping, which is a most dangerous thing to do at the Tucson show. This year we got fabulous scenic stone slices from Utah for ourselves and for presents. The largest and best I have ever seen. I picked up a huge shark tooth display case for the fossil section of my Physical Anthropology class and we oooed and ahhhed at the "Art by God" section in the fossil collective.

That night was the Birthday Bash and Harvey Awards at the new location of the huge bar in the motel where Blain set up for so many hears. That sucker has changed names so many times I can't keep up, but it made for a nice gathering place and watering hole. The Harvey Awards held special meaning for me this year.

Art Ehlmann, Curator of the Monnig Meteorite Gallery at Texas Christian University, and also a highly respected geologist and university professor, who built the Monnig collection into one of the great collections in the country was awarded for many years of building good relationships between the meteorite collecting community, and the scientific community. I was awarded for my role as ambassador visa vi my annual Meteorite Auction.

I am very rarely "speechless," but Steve and Geoff managed to make me so. Last, but most certainly not least, ET Edwin Thompson was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his generosity in lecturing, encouraging new collectors and hunters and for giving many prominent dealers and collectors their start in the field myself included.

Those of you who know ET know how deserving he is of this award. Saturday was a day I tried to take it very easy in preparation for the auction that evening. The Tucson Show can be very energy consuming, and the auction always requires tremendous focus and energy, so, I wanted to be well rested by the time 5 PM rolled around.

Countless tasks need to be accomplished in a two and a half hour time frame and under no circumstances does it ever seem to go smoothly. This year, my assistant of the last several years never did show up. I was to learn, days later, that he had been taken ill. If it hadn't been for John Kerns stepping in to save the day, the situation would have been dramatically disastrous.

God Bless John Kerns! Cecil, of course was there to do much of the management while I tried frantically to get all the paperwork in final preparation, signatures acquired, bid cards and sign up sheet in order, etc. There are always those that cannot, however, be turned away, such as numerous Martian part slices up to 10 grams with no minimum and the like. So, by the time 7: The auction went swimmingly, though I was surprised the space tank didn't sell and the LDG 20ct.

People seemed to have a rollickingly good time and check out went well, with several dealers opting to have funds mailed to them instead of waiting for payment that very night. Angel had a stake dinner for me on the table within 20 minutes and you haven't lived until you have eaten a cast iron skillet stake cooked by that woman. We made it all the way to Gila Bend before turning in, so Sunday would be an easy drive back to San Diego and a tiny bit of rest before classes again on Monday.

It was a great trip, though several people were missed: Still, it was a most pleasant experience. Pondering the meteorite market as reflected in the show, the first thing that pops to mind is the rarity of Sikhote-Aline and the return to old prices on the very few that were there. Too bad Mike doesn't have any fun. The other thing of significance to me were the old prices that were paid for the historic specimens in the auction.

In short, NWA, for the most part, continues to offer VERY affordable and rare type specimens to the collector, while most of the historical material seems to be well on its way to a "comeback. Don't take my word for it, read their own wording, below.

If you are not going to Tucson, please mail me your letters at: Here is the letter I am taking - if you so choose, you may use any part of it, rewording it as appropriate to fit your own circumstances: I, my customers and my friends all collect meteorites, many of which come from Africa.

The claim has been made by the Pelissons on their web site at http: As long as the collectors believe that unknown hunters wish to keep the locations of their finds secret, that all these meteorites are good for science and a good purchase, the business will go on! The plundering of North Africa, the support to organized smuggling rings, the financing of terrorism, all that happens behind the Moroccan border in Saharan countries is of little concern for too many people today.

Not one single person I have spoken to has ever seen or heard of one single incident to support these claims. They are preposterous, slanderous and outrageous. Were the hundreds of collectors in the meteorite community not so outraged by their claims, the Pelissons would merely be the laughing stock of the the world meteorite community. However, terrorism is NOT something anyone finds the least bit humorous and for the Pelissons to claim a link between the meteorite dealers and collectors with the terrorist community sickens as well as outrages and flabbergasts every collector and dealer with whom I have discussed this matter.

It is my understanding that at least one court is actually considering their claims at this time and I would like to emphatically state that any credibility given to these malicious and totally outrageous allegations would be an error of colossal proportions and without evidence of any foundation whatsoever.

Sincerely, Michael Blood Dealer, collector, author and auctioneer of meteorites. The "Meteorite Week" will be the first week of Feb. Of course we will all be blessed with celebrating the recipients of the Harvey Awards for the year presented by the Cheech and Chong of the Meteorite community: This is an event never missed by the other Steve Arnold of Chicago!!!

Bids can be placed throughout that week. Exact time of conclusion is unclear at "press time" but you can check with Al or Iris Lang when writing in your bid that week or early in the day, Saturday. Pieces will be on display most of the week preceding the auction in Darryl Pitt's room. Read the following paragraph which is a direct quote from their site: Thanks to the actions being taken by the Pelissons the entire meteorite community will likely become tainted in the eyes of not only the public in general, but by customs in particular and entire governments!

Of course, the implications of these accusations in terms of impact on the Meteorite Market are overwhelming. The NomCom will judge each request individually. In addition, as of now, no NWA meteorites will be officially assigned "paired" status.

What does this mean for the meteorite market? For one thing, people have ALWAYS valued more highly meteorites with a name, indicating the region in which they were found. My personal estimate is that the rarer types will be valued at two or three times the price that they would have brought with a NWA number, while more common types, ie H or L 4 thrugh 6 will be priced at up to 4 to 6 times what they would otherwise be priced.

For instance, I predict there will be no named meteorites sold at. List members have been "entertained" by reruns of "the meteorite wars" with a couple of dealers going at it like rabid dogs and a stray collector or two pitching fuel on the fire.

It never ceases to amaze me that otherwise successful businessmen are willing to regress to Jr. Not a lot of things turn off interest in meteorite collecting more than such nonsense. One or two never fail to proclaim such sentiments at the time, indicating there are inevitably many others of like thought who prefer not to comment at all, but are none the less resolved to such behavior. As Willie the Shake said, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!

This is particularly true of exceptionally rare material. One can only speculate when such a market might change, resulting in solid, consistently rising prices such as could be seen from the s into the s will return. Fundamentals of economics predict the "law" of supply and demand will eventually take precedence over a market temporarily flooded with rare material and a hyper abundance of sellers. Eventually, the deserts of NW Africa will be depleted.

The question is when. When that does happen, as it inevitably must, prices will rise, at least on the rarer types. Until then, it would appear we will remain in collector's heaven, where the worst thing a collector faces is finding out the dollar bill for which he paid 5 cents yesterday can be had today for a mere 2 cents!

I have frequently pondered WHEN a turn around will occur and whether or not it will be a very slow and drawn out process over many years or astonishingly rapid, taking only a few months. If it is the latter, I predict that even then we will all have time to take advantage of the incredibly low "starting point" of such future price increases.

Prices are going UP! Prices are going DOWN! So, this month, I decided I will occasionally relate an interesting story or two about people who approach meteorite dealers with "meteorites" for sale. We have all heard the many such tales, but these will include a few I think present some new twists or altogether interesting aspects, partly because at least a couple of them really did look like they were going to "pan out" as actual meteorites: After all, she did drive all the way from well north of LA, so, I did not tell her to get her pickup out of my driveway and call me and make an appointment.

While am a very happily married man to one hell of a woman, I must confess, not being blind it probably didn't hurt that she was, as I said, a young and attractive female. It MIGHT have mellowed what otherwise would have been a less congenial attitude on my part, had the disturber of my peace been some obnoxious male with a shave two days over due.

So, I went out to the driveway to look in her pickup camper. Now, from my front door, that is a very short walk, but on the way, she managed to get in that she had collected numerous Allendes and Murchinsons as well as several other noted meteorites she rattled off by name.

I inquired where, exactly, she had found them, and she said on the back roads inland from Santa Barbara. As I gazed down on a camper floor FILLED with rocks, I explained that not only were Allende and Murchinson examples of a relatively rare meteorite type, but that they were Allendes because they fell in Allende, MEXICO on a very specific date and they were Murchison because they fell in a specific area IN AUSTRALIA on a specific date, and that, therefore, for her to find any on the back roads east of Santa Barbara a very wealthy meteorite dealer would have to have driven through the area with a pickup stacked high with them spilling off like onions from an over packed onion truck.

Now, Michael Casper has made a few wild rides through this part of the country with a pickup full of meteorites, but even Krazy Michael Casper never filled it to overflowing. While she did agree that that seemed unlikely, she still was totally amazed that none of the rocks that filled the floor of her pickup camper were meteorites.

However, when I went to sell it I had collectors contacting me reporting they had seen this material for far lower prices. Well, this made me far less than jubilant. The irony is, prices are SO good, I, personally, jump on items I want when I see them at prices I have never seen before.

The result is that my own collection has doubled in the last two years. I never regret making a great purchase, even if I later see the material at half the cost.

That's my two cents. Curious, as price fixing would be an absolutely impossible goal, should one wish to accomplish it, in the arena of meteorites. Then you have perhaps one or two dozen of us dealers that have been around quite a good while, and while there are fewer stories of INTENSE competition, again, there is that "rugged individualism" that characterizes this group, removing it as far from price fixing as William F.

Buckley is from being a member of the Communist Party. Then there are the literally hundreds of part time and even full time dealers that have popped up on the internet like zits on a teenage chocaholic's face.. Where on earth would one start!? This, however, amounts to a limited partnership limited to the specific material purchased together.

However, I have never heard anyone speak of Peekskill or such limited partnerships as mentioned above in terms of price fixing. Instead, they tend to yell, "Price Fixing" at the most odd times! For instance, I recently, I mentioned it seemed rude to me to "piggyback" on the announcement of a sale of a given material on the list with an ad for the same material, and that I thought it would be more considerate to wait a few days and do one's own advertising.

While most responding list members agreed about 8 to 12 of them , one yelled, "Price Fixing" and another quickly proceeded to launch a tirade when I responded, "Whaaa? This is a repeating theme among collectors.

It comes up again and again. I guess that's when one manages to get a bunch of other dealers to go along with your idea of a good price. Do let me know when that happens among meteorite dealers.. Certainly this is the time to BUY. I am definitely not even in the minority of dealers offering such incredible buys. Like I have been saying for a good time, now, this is the time to BUY. It is inevitable that eventually the NWA material will become exhausted.

When that happens, the prices on the old falls will escalate so quickly meteorite collectors will be kicking themselves in their behinds faster than George W. Matt Morgan had some killer full slices of Dhofar , a very hard Shergotite. They were cut very thin and "hard as a rock" as the saying goes. Of course, the Hupes have a wide variety of both the lunars and Martians.

Adam posted a public statement recently I think is highly relevant to this article, and I will be quoting most of it following this paragraph. He points out that he and Greg have a computer program to track sales of various meteorite types relative to prices for which they were sold on eBay. It is understandable that the SAU and DAG series would be at the low end of the feeding chain because of the amount of supply.

I feel Zagami a witnessed fall selling for less than NWA Martians is under priced right now because most of it has now been distributed and larger specimens are becoming increasingly difficult to find. It looks like TKW is the factor that most influences the price of Martian material.

Surprisingly, it does not seem to matter that some are witnessed falls according to our database which tracks auction prices not dealers. Martians were one of the first type of meteorites to depreciate and are among the first to recover from the downturn of a couple years back. They have outperformed everything the last two and half years according to our collection database.

Lunars, on the other hand seems to be under appreciated right now. We feel that it was priced way too high four years ago and the price seems to have over corrected itself. We have improved our collection greatly taking advantage of these low prices as have several other collectors so you won't hear us complaining. At a fraction of the weight of Martians, Lunars represent the biggest bargain right now, in our opinion.

I feel as a whole, the so-called market is still adjusting itself. Witnessed falls were among the last items to drop in price and still continue to decrease sharply according to our database that represents most available falls contained in our collection. The low petrologic type chondrites and rare material having been holding steady lately indicating the demand is good and the price has been beaten down about as far is it is going to go. If the supply were to suddenly drop you can count on rare material to be among the first to show a sharp rise in price according to our predictions.

Here you have two of the largest holders of Martian and Lunar material in the world, and they have a computer program tracking all eBay sales. What there is, I agree with: Lunar material is artificially low at this particular time and much of the Martian material, as well.

Strange in this time of dramatically elongated depressed meteorite market we have such pockets of actual increase in value. While we all may have missed the bottom of the turndown on planetary material, the "upturn" appears to just be starting and prices are, for the most part, quite near their all time low and, possibly, set to increase, at least in this particular corner of the market.

That's it for this month. Now there are well over twenty and a similar number of Lunars. Another variation on this theme is those collectors who look to complete their SNC and Lunar collections in Thin Section form. This can sometimes be far more expensive than collecting micromounts, as most thin sections, even of Lunar material, often have viewing areas many times larger than many decent sized fragments people collect of the SNCs and Lunars. However, viewing enjoyment is frequently far more enjoyable, especially with many of the SNCs which can be a marvel of color.

It is interesting to note that this renewed interest coincides with the continued decline of prices of said rare material and it would therefore be reasonable to conclude that this renewed interest is DUE TO the increasing affordability of these ultra rare specimens.

I cannot account for the motives of others but I do notice that various friends and relatives who hold little general interest in meteorites do tend to perk up and express reasonable to enthusiastic interest in seeing "meteorites from the moon" and or from Mars. This also seams to inevitably lead to increased interest in other specimens, especially the Pallasites once they lay eyes on any of them.. With any luck, we can hope the depressed prices of rare NWA material will continue, making the collection of Winonaites, Howardites, Urilites, primitive achondrites and even the Martian and Lunar materials a very achievable and increasingly fulfilling aspect of our ever increasing meteorite collections.

The Show is more of an indicator or the state of the wholesale market than of the retail market. This is true, not only of meteorites, but of most material available at the show, which runs the gamut of "rock hound" specimens, spectacular amethyst geodes from Brazil, skulls of every known mammal on earth including humans , pre-Columbian artifacts, ancient Egyptian artifacts, etc, etc, etc.

It always amazes me the alarming number of meteorite dealers as well as collectors seem oblivious to this distinction between the wholesale market and the retail market. Of course, the more this line blurs, the better for the collector. However, this is not the case for dealers and I am astonished at the seeming total lack of awareness of this fact on the part of same.

Dynamics contributing to this "blurring of the line" between retail and wholesale have been well documented in this column, particularly in my 4 part analysis of the contributing factors to a continually depressed meteorite market. Many of the factors are one and the same. This gives the consumer a tremendous array of specimens from which to choose. This helps the dealer as well as the collector, in that it keep prices modest. I am still kicking myself for not getting that puppy, myself!

If anything, the show, as far as I could tell, was marked by a lack of big sales though Oscar and Eduardo of meteorite. These, they reported, sold primarily to institutional representatives shopping at the show. Also, one or two dealers typically buy many thousands of dollars at the auction.

This year, such rumors and auction purchases were conspicuously scarce or lacking all together. In short, with the exception of some heated bidding on modest pieces in the auction, I saw little to nothing at the Tucson Show that indicated ANY change in meteorite market trends other than continued suppression of prices, number of purchases and fabulous buys to be had.

The Tucson Auction is moving, as our old hall was sold to a church. Beverly just off Speedway. I would like to give special thanks to Twink Monrad for her exceptional help for providing contacts that lead directly to finding both the old and the new locations. You're tops in my book, Twink! Al Lang will be holding a "Silent Auction" of 60 specimens in his room, concluding on Sat. No word as to whether there will be a Macovich Auction this year.

If there is one, presumably, it will be Sunday, Feb. Be there or be square! A recent phenomenon occurred on the internet of late that involved a hysterically funny lampoon of several members of the meteorite list and their various quirks. One of the subjects of this hysterical web site was so offended he managed to have it removed from the world wide web. Meteorite Market Trends Over the years, I have noticed that meteorite prices sometimes rise, but sometimes they fall, and sometimes they stay exactly the same.

I'll be back with more amazing meteorite market trends next time, readers! Nobody saw or heard anything and the damage was described as "extremely undetectable" - Man, I'd sure like to have a piece of that hammer! The bright daylight fireball of 28 April over California affectionately known as "the Californian April 28 Bright Daylight Fireball" , dropped a 2.

It went through the roof, bounced on the driver's seat and lodged itself in the ashtray - Man, I'd sure like to have a piece of that hammer! Bitsy Bobbit, a well known man-about-town in 's Chicago, who reputely bedded over 2, women in his lifetime, once claimed that a mystical meteorite was the source of his incredible libido. No one, certainly not I, thought such a thing were possible after the last few years, but, in fact, even THAT creeping pace has slowed significantly further.

Now, other than a few dealers on eBay, nearly all meteorite "action" is strictly collectors selling to collectors. On other fronts, someone made a mock web side attributed to one of the meteorite list fellows that was hysterical. In keeping with this were the three "subjects" of the site, two of whom got a good chuckle out of it and one who was so "insulted" as to complain to the web hosting company, resulting in its being shut down.

My compliments to Steve Arnold of Chicago and to "Proud Tom" for their senses of humor and good sportsmanship. I would say more about the meteorite market, but what is to be said of something so close to being dead?

Three months ago I began a series on the elements which continue to keep the meteorite market depressed: I began to address four dynamics I had not previously addressed in detail: Failure on the part of dealers to generate new collectors 2.

The impact of the internet on the meteorite market 3. A few dealers' destructive approach to the market 4. So, why does "everybody" dealing serve to undermine the strength of the meteorite market? Well, it works like this: Joe sees the guy has etched slices of, let's say, Toluca. Joe is taken by this material. However, being a red blooded American, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and decides that instead of getting one slice, he will get 10 slices at a discount for volume and sell the extra 9 slices to pay for the piece going into his collection.

Now, Joe is happy as a clam. Then, he figures, he can easily make the cost of ALL the specimens back and "pay for" the specimen that will go in his collection the best one, of course.

Now, for the sake of simplicity, we will say each specimen was grams. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? So, Joe sells 5 of these guys within the first week; then, nothing. He waits, and still, nothing. Now Joe is a little nervous. Two weeks have gone buy and still, no more sales. Something MUST be done! Joe sells one more specimen at this reduced price. He doesn't need their approval to "conduct business" as he sees fit. It's a free country, isn't it?

Now Joe is left with 4 specimens: He can do THAT, easily. He will call this, "success! Now, while this does not effect Joe, at least in the short run and regarding Toluca, since Joe has "filled that slot" in his collection, there is a huge "ripple effect.

And not a "small" one, as you might think. Several things have happened here: Let's look at the original dealer who sold Joe his specimens. Lets say he has specimens of this material. This is a small community, folks. They have seen it advertised. So, what's the big deal?

That's HIS problem, right? Well, yes and no. Now, if this were an isolated event, for the most part, yes. But it isn't an isolated event. Thousands of such incidences have been occurring for years, now. I conducted a survey of people belonging to the meteorite list. There were about 20 questions on the survey.

One of the questions was yes or no "I am a meteorite dealer. As these occurrences continue to be pervasive, the collector is left with several impressions, whether they are accurate or not. One is, if I wait, I can get it cheaper later. This causes the market to slow down, considerably.

This has a distinct effect on existing dealers. I will speak more to what I mean by the term, "dealer" a bit later. As a result, dealers become very reluctant to buy material. Because it is virtually impossible to reliably predict what the retail value of the material will be. So, you can watch your losses, only after advertising and one specimen at a time, take your lumps?

So, again, what does this mean to the collector? So dealers are having a hard time of it. What's it to me? Well, as the line between retail and wholesale erodes and dealers become increasingly hesitant to purchase, material becomes less and less valuable. Well, still, why should that concern the collector? Well, as it becomes less and less valuable, it also becomes less and less available AND whatever you bought last month could drop to half it's value next month. I'm in it for the "science" or the just plane magic of being able to see and show and tell and TOUCH a piece of something out of this world.

Well, yes, BUT, do you really want to spend thousands of dollars and have your collection diminish to half, then a quarter, then a tenth of the value you have in it? Ich würde gerne ein Produkt bei einem Online-Händler einkaufen und dann teurer ebenfalls im Internet weiterverkaufen. Ist das überhaupt möglich? Wenn ja, was muss ich beachten bezüglich Steuern, etc?

Und welche Plattform wäre die beste um die gekauften Produkte weiterzuverkaufen? Eigentlich soll es hier nicht weiterverkauft werden sondern ist nur zum Privatgebrauch. Ist es also möglich von einem privatem Anbieter aus Brasilien zu einem privatem Käufer in Deutschland zu kaufen?

Gibt es dort Wege und Möglichkeiten? Der Käufer schrieb mir das es sogut wie nicht möglich sei, da er bestimmte Auflagen erfüllen muss um international verschicken zu können. Aber es müsste doch umsetzbar sein, das eine Privatperson zu einer Privatperson etwas verschickt, weltweit.

Hallo Leute, ich plane derzeit ein Event in China mit einem Organisator in Beijing zusammen zu organisieren. Er muss für die Durchführung vor Ort berechtigt sein, Rechnungen zu stellen an Sponsoren etc. Ist das in Beijing anders, darf dort eine Privatperson ohne Gewerbe Rechnungen stellen? Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen? Wo bekomme ich die Handelspreise für Cashewkerne? Hallo, möchte gerne Cashewkerne von Vietnam nach Deutschland importieren lassen. Vielen Dank in voraus!


I have heard many dealers and even collector-wannabe dealers make derogatory comments a bout Bob. Those dealers among us who go back far enough to be early on the web scene remember distinctly the immediate impact digital photos had on sales once they became instituted.

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However, being a red blooded American, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and decides that instead of getting one slice, he will get 10 slices at a discount for volume and sell the extra 9 slices to pay for the piece going into his collection. The bright daylight fireball of 28 April over California affectionately known as "the Californian April 28 Bright Daylight Fireball" , dropped a 2.

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