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View latest Inter Bank currency rates in Pakistan for all major currencies including US Dollar. Pakistan Inter bank currency prices are maintained by Pakistani Banks including State bank of Pakistan, National Bank and other Government Banks. IGI Investment Bank launches Fund Select Portal Karachi, January 20, IGI Investment Bank Limited has introduced "Fund Select Portal". This is a unique web based portal facilitating both corporate and retail investors with on-line access.

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Transferring money overseas is just one feature of International Services. Before transferring money overseas, please remember: You will require the details of the overseas bank account including details of the bank that will receive the funds.

First powder product does not change our case EFOODS has entered the powder market, albeit through a trading business for now. Intermarket Day Wrap December 10, Revenge of the Bulls! Intermarket Pulse December 7, Intermarket Day Wrap December 7, Intermarket Day Wrap December 6, It seems like there is no end to the extent of panic in the market. Intermarket Intel December 5, Intermarket Day Wrap December 5, Intermarket Day Wrap December 4, In line with our view earlier today, the Index managed to find a foot hold.

Intermarket Perspective December 3, Pakistan Strategy — Sharp MPS move corrects market; avail dips in quality names Citing inflationary pressure and high twin deficits. Intermarket Day Wrap December 3, The Index caved into selling pressure as panic and despair eroded market. Intermarket Pulse November 30, Intermarket Day Wrap November 30, USD as Veblen Good! The Index lived through an extremely volatile session today. Intermarket Pulse November 29, Intermarket Pulse November 28, Intermarket Day Wrap November 28, Restrained in a Straitjacket!

Unlike our earlier view on market, bulls threw in the towel. Intermarket Day Wrap November 27, Intermarket Pulse November 26, Intermarket Day Wrap November 26, In line with our outlook on market performance. Intermarket Pulse November 23, Intermarket Day Wrap November 23, Intermarket Pulse November 22, Intermarket Day Wrap November 22, Intermarket Pulse November 20, Intermarket Day Wrap November 20, Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop!

The Index lived through another choppy day as market participants. Intermarket Pulse November 19, Intermarket Day Wrap November 19, To Play a Waiting Game! Intermarket Pulse November 16, Intermarket Day Wrap November 16, Although the Index closed on a buoyant note on its last trading day of the week. Intermarket Pulse November 15, Intermarket Day Wrap November 15, Animal Spirits or Irrational Exuberance?

Unlike our earlier stance, market bulls staged a comeback. Intermarket Pulse November 14, Intermarket Intel November 14, Intermarket Day Wrap November 14, The Index was off to a weak start at open in the wake. Intermarket Intel November 13, Intermarket Pulse November 13, Intermarket Day Wrap November 13, Clash of the Contrarians!

The Index whip-lashed off its intraday low support from last week following a weak open. Intermarket Intel November 12, Intermarket Pulse November 12, Intermarket Day Wrap November 12, Intermarket Pulse November 9, Intermarket Day Wrap November 9, On its last trading day of the week, the Index staged a re-run from yesterday.

Intermarket Pulse November 8, Intermarket Day Wrap November 8, Choppy Day at the Bourse! Intermarket Pulse November 7, Intermarket Day Wrap November 7, Fly to the Moon! The Index shot up like a rocket at open, as if on a mission to Mars. Intermarket Pulse November 6, Intermarket Day Wrap November 6, From Euphoria to Despair! The Index, after staging a weak open. Intermarket Pulse November 5, Intermarket Day Wrap November 5, Intermarket Pulse November 2, The Optimist vs The Pessimist!

Intermarket Pulse November 1, Finding a foothold The KSE gained a modest 1. Riots, Rallies and Protests! Intermarket Day Wrap October 31, Much Ado About Nothing! In line with our view earlier today, the Index took a step back just shy of resistance at EMA Intermarket Pulse October 30, Intermarket Day Wrap October 30, The Index lived through a range bound and volatile day after rallying for last 5 sessions.

Intermarket Day Wrap October 29, Intermarket Intel October 29, Beats expectation amid better than expected GMs! Intermarket Pulse October 29, Intermarket Intel October 26, Intermarket Pulse October 26, The Index was off to a sluggish and choppy start after profit taking.

Intermarket Intel October 25, Intermarket Pulse October 25, Intermarket Intel October 24, Intermarket Pulse October 24, Intermarket Intel October 23, Intermarket Pulse October 23, Intermarket Day Wrap October 23, The Day Pigs Got Slaughtered! Intermarket Intel October 22, Intermarket Pulse October 22, Optimistic on demand supply dynamics and pricing Following strong earnings in 3QCY18 results. Intermarket Day Wrap October 22, Welcome to the Farm!

As anticipated earlier today, the Index extended its gains from the previous week. Intermarket Pulse October 19, Intermarket Intel October 19, Intermarket Day Wrap October 19, Half Full or Half Empty?

Intermarket Intel October 18, Intermarket Pulse October 18, Against All Odds Despite taking its inspiration from the previous session. Intermarket Pulse October 17, Turnaround or Relief Rally? Intermarket Intel October 16, Intermarket Pulse October 16, The Index lived through another volatile session. Intermarket Pulse October 15, Shortest straw has been pulled for you! Extending its losses from the previous week, Intermarket Intel October 12, Intermarket Pulse October 12, Looking very attractive after the sell-off We reiterate our bullish call on Pakistan Banks , with most stocks in our coverage trading well below their 5 year average.

Intermarket Intel October 12, Time for a Bear Hug! Intermarket Pulse October 11, Intermarket Day Wrap October 11, Intermarket Pulse October 10, Intermarket Intel October 9, Intermarket Pulse October 8, Power show amid low Urea inventories In a recent development, Fertilizer Manufacturers have increased the Urea prices by c.

Intermarket Day Wrap October 8, Intermarket Day Wrap October 5, Intermarket Pulse October 5, Intermarket Day Wrap October 4, Intermarket Day Wrap October 3, More of the Same Old, Same Old The Index witnessed a painfully slow day marked by extremely thin trading activity as dearth of market moving triggers and concerns on economy kept investors at bay. Intermarket Pulse October 2, Sales recovered sequentially in anticipation of price hikes: Intermarket Intel October 2, Intermarket Day Wrap October 2, Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Intermarket Intel October 1, Intemarket Report October 1, Intermarket Pulse October 1, Intermarket Day Wrap October 1, Riding out the Rate Hike! Intermarket Pulse September 28, Intermarket Day Wrap September 28, Gear Up for Another Rate Hike! Intermarket Day Wrap September 27, Hustling with Fear and Greed The Index started the day on a weaker footing and incurred heavy losses in the second half following an initial phase of consolidation.

Intermarket Pulse September 27, Intermarket Intel September 27, Intermarket Day Wrap September 26, Intermarket Pulse September 26, Intermarket Day Wrap September 25, Stagnant The Index witnessed another choppy day, marked by range bound performance and thin market participation as lack of confidence on future market performance and despair among investors pertaining to economic outlook kept market bulls on a tight leash.

Intermarket Pulse September 25, Expect more monetary tightening but in a modest manner We expect SBP to increase the policy rate by 50bps to 8. Intermarket Day Wrap September 24, Betwixt and Between After staging a positive close in the previous 2 sessions, market momentum hit a brick wall at 20EMA 41, and closed on a reactive note despite some clarity on policy matters which was earlier expected to allay investor indecisiveness.

Intermarket Pulse September 24, Intermarket Day Wrap September 19, Market Unsure of Next Move! Intermarket Intel September 19, Pakistan Cement September 19, Intermarket Intel September 18, Intermarket Pulse September 18, Intermarket Day Wrap September 18, Intermarket Pulse September 17, Weak agricultural outlook warrants caution We resume coverage on Pakistan tractors with an Underweight stance where negatives for this sector arise from i increased input costs for farmers such as Urea prices , ii possible water shortage resulting in lower crop output and iii slowing construction activities.

Intermarket Day Wrap September 17, Intermarket Pulse September 14, Intermarket Day Wrap September 14, Intermarket Pulse September 13, Intermarket Day Wrap September 13, Intermarket Intel September 12, Intermarker Day Wrap September 12, In Search of the Eye of Agamotto! Intermarket Pulse September 12, Intermarket Pulse September 11, Intermarket Day Wrap September 10, The Ambiguous Forward Guidance! Intermarket Pulse September 10, Intermarket Day Wrap September 7, Intermarket Intel September 7, Intermarket Pulse September 7, Risks are building up; remain cautious Reportedly, the three closed fertilizer plants are set to commence operations and add 0.

Intermarket Day Wrap September 6, Time to Steel Oneself After staging a minor retreat in the previous session the Index extended losses and closed down Intermarket Pulse September 6, Board Meeting Schedules September 6, Intermarket Intel September 5, Intermarket Pulse September 5, Intermarket Day Wrap September 4, Much Ado about Nothing!

Intermarket Perspective September 4, Intermarket Pulse September 4, Intermarket Day Wrap September 3, Walking on Broken Glass! Intermarket Pulse September 3, Range-bound on lack of clarity on new govt policy The KSE shed 2. Intermarket Day Wrap August 31, Melting Like Ice Cream! Intermarket Pulse August 31, Intermarket Day Wrap August 30, Between Hope and Hype! Intermarket Intel August 30, Intermarket Pulse August 30, Intermarket Day Wrap August 29, Intermarket Pulse August 29, Intermarket Intel August 29, Intermarket Day Wrap August 28, Intermarket Intel August 28, Intermarket Pulse August 28, Intermarket Intel August 27, Intermarket Pulse August 27, Siesta Time In line with our earlier view, market traded in a tight range amid lack luster participation, as dearth of market moving triggers kept market participants on the sidelines while they await forward guidance on a road map to economic recovery.

Intermarket Pulse August 24, Cash is there, but what is next? Intermarket Intel August 20, Intermarket Pulse August 20, Intermarket Intel August 17, Intermarket Pulse August 17, Intermarket Intel August 16, Intermarket Pulse August 16, Living on a Prayer! Intermarket Intel August 15, Intermarket Pulse August 15, Intermarket Pulse August 13, Intermarket Intel August 13, Intermarket Intel August 10, Intermarket Pulse August 10, When Politics Comes to the Rescue, Again!

Intermarket Intel August 9, Intermarket Pulse August 9, Intermarket Pulse August 8, Intermarket Pulse August 7, Drug Policy — With gumption! Intermarket Pulse August 6, Intermarket Intel August 3, Pakistan Autos August 3, Pakistan Autos — Premium cars can ride out tough environment Valuations reflect uncertain short-term outlook.

Intermarket Pulse August 3, Rebounding core profits in 4Q, but drag from other income Despite 5. Intermarket Intel August 2, Intermarket Pulse August 2, Intermarket Intel August 1, Intermarket Pulse August 1, Intermarket Intel July 31, Bears Strike Back, Pull Back? Intermarket Pulse July 31, Intermarket Intel July 30, FY18 drug price increase due, but not immediately As per news reports , pharmaceutical companies have reportedly raised prices for 10, medicines by up to 3.

Intermarket Pulse July 30, A Time for a Change! Intermarket Pulse July 27, Intermarket Perspective July 26, A Farewell to Dr. Intermarket Intel July 24, Intermarket Pulse July 23, Intermarket Pulse July 20, When the Bulls get Going!

Intermarket Pulse July 19, A Week of Sentiment Reversal It was simply a matter of time before attractive valuations, oversold market indicators, rate hike by bps and holding of timely elections caught up on fear induced selling and turned the tide around for market bears. Intermarket Pulse July 18, Intermarket Pulse July 17, Intermarket Pulse July 16, Intermarket Pulse July 13, Intermarket Day Wrap July 12, Intermarket Pulse July 12, Intermarket Day Wrap July 11, The Struggle with Fear The Index was off to a good start, and following an initial bout of selling pressure perhaps in the wake of an unfortunate incident in Peshawar last night — a bomb blast that took 20 lives the market recovered off its intraday low and extended gains from the previous session as value hunting became the need of the hour.

Intermarket Day Wrap July 10, Intermarket Pulse July 10, Much improved pricing power; Overweight We upgrade our stance on the Fertilizer sector by one notch to Over-weight owing to a reversal in pricing power after subsidy discontinuation.

Intermarket Day Wrap July 9, Intermarket Pulse July 9, Intermarket Day Wrap July 6, Intermarket Pulse July 6, Intermarket Day Wrap July 5, Intermarket Pulse July 5, Intermarket Day Wrap July 4, Blood on the Streets!

Intermarket Pulse July 4, Intermarket Day Wrap July 3, Intermarket Pulse July 3, Intermarket Day Wrap July 2, Intermarket Pulse July 2, Intermarket Day Wrap June 29, Intermarket Pulse June 29, Intermarket Day Wrap June 28, Intermarket Day Wrap June 27, Intermarket Pulse June 27, Intermarket Day Wrap June 26, Every Night has its Dawn!

Intermarket Pulse June 26, Intermarket Day Wrap June 25, Intermarket Pulse June 25, Deposit protection will chip into sector profitability Under the recently launched deposit protection insurance mechanism, the SBP has guaranteed up to PRs, per depositor per bank.

Intermarket Day Wrap June 22, Intermarket Pulse June 22, Intermarket Day Wrap June 21, Intermarket Pulse June 21, Intermarket Day Wrap June 20, A Bounty on Markets Soul! Intermarket Pulse June 20, Intermarket Day Wrap June 19, Keeping it Down to a Dull Roar! Intermarket Pulse June 19, Valuation anomaly warrants switch to large Medium banks in Pakistan now trade at a premium to large banks, something that has not happened in close to 10yrs.

Intermarket Day Wrap June 14, The Index traded mixed in a lethargic pre-holiday session, dominated by listless trading and concerns on increase in the pace of foreign selling along with further PKR devaluation following speculations on a stronger USD Intermarket Pulse June 14, Intermarket Day Wrap June 13, Brace for Thin Market Activity Ahead!

Intermarket Pulse June 13, Intermarket Day Wrap June 12, Intermarket Pulse June 12, Intermarket Day Wrap June 11, Intermarket Pulse June 11, Intermarket Day Wrap June 7, Intermarket Pulse June 7, Intermarket Day Wrap June 6, Intermarket Pulse June 6, Another Package on the cards; clarity on terms awaited In a major positive for the textile sector, the GoP has reportedly approved an extension in Textiles Exports Package worth PRs65bn for FYF, albeit with slight amendment.

Intermarket Day Wrap June 5, Intermarket Pulse June 5, Intermarket Day Wrap June 4, A Leap of Faith! Intermarket Pulse June 4, Intermarket Day Wrap June 1, Shriveled The Index witnessed a lack luster session amid super thin participation as locals opted to stay away from the market amid: Intermarket Pulse June 1, A comprehensive listing of security terms would fill an entire reference book.

The emphasis of this glossary is to introduce the international trade and logistics reader to a sampling of key terms used primarily in supply chain management and data security. As part of its enforcement efforts, OFAC publishes a list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries.

It also lists individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs that are not country-specific. The Unverified List includes names and countries of foreign persons who in the past were parties to a transaction with respect to which the U.

Any transaction to which a listed person is a party will be deemed by BIS to raise a Red Flag with respect to such transaction within the meaning of the guidance set forth in Supplement No. The Red Flag; applies to the person on the Unverified List regardless of where the person is located in the country included on the list. Get the Global Edge Essential information for global knowledge.

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About World Currency Converter is a multi-lingual foreign exchange rate calculator for global businesses and world travelers. Contact us for more information. Forex Glossary arbitrage Simultaneous buying and selling of securities, commodities, or currencies in different markets to take advantage of price differences.

Disclaimer The World Currency Converter is offered to users with no liability whatsoever assumed for errors in rates, conversions, trends, or otherwise. The following are state Congressional District Maps for the th session of Congress. Note that these maps change from time to time due to population shifts, political manipulation gerrymandering , and litigation. It is the position of World Trade Press that photographic reproductions of visual works in the public domain are not copyrightable because the reproductions, while they may have required skill, involve no originality.

See Bridgeman Art Library v. Browse acronyms by letter: Introduction Search Entities Browse Search by Country Introduction The following tool provides a list of the most common business entities worldwide. Several definitions are useful at this time: Aktzionerno Drouzestvo Aktzionerno Drouzestvo. Associazione in Partecipazione Associazione in Partecipazione.

Commanditaire Vennootschap Commanditaire Vennootschap. Corporate banking; Investment banking ; and Wealth and investment management. Barclays has over 4, branches in about 55 countries and of which about 1, are in the United Kingdom. Barclays customers and the customers of many other banks can use Barclays ATMs for free in the UK, although in some other countries fees are charged.

Barclays is a member of the Global ATM Alliance , an alliance of international banks which allows each banks' customers to use their ATM or debit card at all other member banks with no ATM access fees when travelling internationally. The current members of Barclays' board of directors are: Barclays sponsored the Premier League from to from to under the Barclaycard brand and, from , the Churchill Cup. All three governing bodies of the permanent participants agreed to end the tournament after its edition.

Barclays also sponsored The Football League from until , succeeding Today newspaper and being replaced by Endsleigh Insurance. It also sponsored the Dubai Tennis Championships. Barclays helped to fund President Robert Mugabe 's government in Zimbabwe. Opponents have called the bank's involvement a 'disgrace' and an 'insult' to the millions who have suffered human rights abuses.

Barclays also provides two of Mugabe's associates with bank accounts, ignoring European Union sanctions on Zimbabwe. In March , Barclays was accused of violating international anti-money laundering laws. According to Global Witness, Obiang purchased a Ferrari and maintains a mansion in Malibu with the funds from this account. They did this by 'stripping' information out of wire transfers, thereby concealing the source of funds.

Barclays was accused by HMRC of designing two schemes that were intended to avoid substantial amounts of tax. Tax rules forced the bank to tell the UK authorities about its plans. The United States Department of Justice and Barclays officially agreed that "the manipulation of the submissions affected the fixed rates on some occasions". The BBC said revelations concerning the fraud were "greeted with almost universal astonishment in the banking industry.

If the Barclays board has any backbone, they'll sack him. Barclays' June and November capital raisings are the subject of investigations. Barclays had sought to raise capital privately, avoiding direct equity investment from the Government of the United Kingdom and, therefore, a bailout. In June , following a five-year investigation by the UK's Serious Fraud Office covering Barclays' activities during the financial crisis of — , former CEO John Varley and three former colleagues, Roger Jenkins , Thomas Kalaris and Richard Boath , were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and the provision of unlawful financial assistance in connection with capital raising.

In February , the Serious Fraud Office charged Barclays with "unlawful financial assistance" related to billions of pounds raised from the Qatar deal. In June the US state of New York filed a lawsuit against the bank alleging it defrauded and deceived investors with inaccurate marketing material about its unregulated trading system known as a dark pool. Specifically, the firm was accused of hiding the fact that Tradebot participated in the dark pool when they were in fact one of the largest players.

The state, in its complaint, said it was being assisted by former Barclays executives and it was seeking unspecified damages. A month later the bank filed a motion for the suit to be dismissed, saying there had been no fraud, no victims and no harm to anyone.

The New York Attorney General's office issued a statement saying the attorney general was confident the motion would fail. Furthermore, when clients questioned Barclays about these rejected trades, Barclays failed to disclose the reason that the trades were being rejected, instead citing technical issues or providing vague responses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the British banking firm. For items that may be pluralised as "Barclays", see Barclay disambiguation. London , United Kingdom. Banks portal Business and economics portal Companies portal London portal.

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The following are state Congressional District Maps for the th session of Congress. Intermarket Pulse April 9,

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