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Die Methode zur Bestimmung optimaler Bevölkerungen — zugleich genial, einfach und einflußreich — wurde im Februar von dem Franzosen Jean Bourgois-Pichat auf einer Konferenz der Pariser. nationale Buchhaltung Net exports (NX) Nettoexporte (=EX-IM) Net foreign assets (F) Nettoauslandsvermögen Official reserve account (OR) Bevölkerungswachstumsrate Price level (P) Preisniveau Production technology (A) Produktionstechnologie Productivity gain.

The Raid on Dartmouth () occurred during Father Le Loutre's War on September 30, when a Mi'kmaq militia from Chignecto raided Major Ezekiel Gilman's sawmill at present-day Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, killing four workers and wounding two.

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Nova Scotia Captivity Narratives.

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During this month there was precipitation for an average of On 24 September , the Mi'kmaq formally wrote to Governor Cornwallis through Father Maillard, proclaiming their ownership of the land, and expressing their opposition to the British actions in settling at Halifax.

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