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DAX 30 Index Technical Analysis.

About DAX Germany's largest cap stocks are contained within the DAX 30 index. Trading via CFD or spread betting is very popular on the DAX 30 as it is well known for wild intraday swings. DAX Index Interactive Chart. The DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex) is the most important index made up of 30 largest German registered companies and it is the leading index of the Deutsche Börse. The DAX 30 was only introduced in June ; replaced the older Hardy Index and the Börsen-Zeitung index. although the DAX did not yet exist at this time. The baseline value was established at 1, points .

Dax Live Chart - Dax 30 Realtime

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Short Global Equities as Volatility Rises. Risk aversion continued to show through the open, but a ray of light appeared for equity bulls on Friday morning as Chair Powell took on a more dovish tone.

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In this exchange segment, companies must meet specific international transparency requirements.

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